Bike Sharing – Think Again

Bike Sharing – Think Again

Take a look at this article that discusses the BILLIONS of funding a couple Chinese “Startups” got to finance their bike sharing operations.

There has to be a HUGE profit margin for these startups if investors are willing to part with BILLIONS of dollars. There must be MORE billions on the horizon.

Which means BILLIONS out of the pockets of ordinary citizens willing to shell out money to “rent” bicycles – instead of the “TERROR” of actually OWNING and MAINTAINING their own property!

When money flows so deeply – you have to ask CUI BONO?

Just like how Apple has probably a trillion dollars of YOUR CASH in the bank because you keep buying new iPhones (as well as new phone chargers, apps, and other stupid-ass shit) – don’t you realize the utter RACKET this whole business model is?

We’ve already elaborated in detail how it’s SO WORTH IT to own your own bicycle (regardless if it’s “hard” to store in your tiny shoebox apartment).

And when bike-sharing startups – not just in China – but EVERY LIBERAL CITY IN AMERICA – get millions upon millions of dollars of funding – doesn’t that make you shake your head and “wake up?”

Wake up to the fact that YOU are the pawn. You’re the sucker that will blindly just accept how “cool” bike sharing is. Wow! You can tap an app a few times and magically “unlock” a bicycle! WHEE!

Meanwhile – you’re dumb as a bag of bricks because you cannot add up your bank statement at the end of each year to see how much you spent “renting” those clunky bikes. Your convenience of not taking ownership and responsibility for something is going to cost you A LOT MORE.

But then again, you didn’t want to own a house at some point in the future, anyway. So it’s no big deal, right?

Have a nice day!

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Saturday, July 8, 2017 12:34 am

We did do the math. And ended up buying two bikes for ourselves. While I can see the perceived benefit of not having to deal with the problems that might arise, there is pride in ownership beyond the long-term cost savings.

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