Dirty Bomb BS

Dirty Bomb BS

Please look at this Dirty Bomb BS story out of South Carolina.

We’ve made clear in the past – that we do NOT watch television – for at least the past five or six years. And it appears that TV, and “TV news” has become unhinged.

Each time we (unfortunately) get a glimpse of this garbage – our pulse increases. Not because we’re pleased with the “objective and clearly reported” events. Most of it (to us) feels outrageously phony!

Live5News.com | Charleston, SC | News, Weather, Sports

They haven’t reported anything of substance.

A few words from a reporter. And why is she not “worried” about any radiation? WTF?

Some B-roll footage of “official” vehicles traveling from one place to another. Lights flashing for dramatic effect.

No other details.

I just don’t care.

If there IS a “dirty bomb” wherever they suspect it might be, it’d probably be implemented by on of our own – on purpose. Just to further inflict both fear – and acceptance of a bigger police state.

dirty bomb south carolina - Dirty Bomb BS

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News is TV drama programming, just like 24 or CSI.