Extreme Verbiage

Extreme Verbiage {For ordinary things?}

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend over just the past couple years. Extreme verbiage for what amounts to ordinary things.

One case in point is the weather.

The few (competing) weather “authorities” (misnomer) out there – seem to be upping the ante on attention-grabbing headlines as of late.

And it bugs me. To the point why we’re penning this piece.

Headlines are now almost essentially fake – or grossly inaccurate

Wherever you live (in America, at least), your weather is pretty much predictable. Whether it’s warm almost all the time in San Diego, or “four seasons” up here in New Jersey – rarely does something “OUTSTANDING” take place.

However, these headlines that the garbage weather outlets vomit out make every *slight anomaly* appear to be ground-breaking.

Like a headline we saw earlier this month:


The “dramatic cooldown” was about 10 degrees. The “muggy” conditions were par for the course this time of the year. Nothing “dramatic” about it! Why do they do that? PAGE CLICKS!

extreme verbiage in news headlines

Why headlines just SUCK ASS in 2017

You’ll have nutty headlines like this:

“PANIC ERUPTS AS GUNSHOTS RING OUT NEAR….” Please leave “erupting” to fickin’ volcanos!

Then, when they want to hide the identity of a person who, say murdered a few people say obscure stuff like:

“Person sought in an incident near WaWa.” What prevents them from using the race?

Next time you scan your news headlines, instead of getting “sucked into” whatever crap they’re peddling – instead analyze the words they use in their headlines.

Ponder them for a short while. Ignore the eventual subject matter. See the writing on the wall for what it is.

The headlines in 2017 are the absolute worst in human history, and we can do without the extreme verbiage. It’s not good for the human mind to see them time after time.

They should simply state actual (confirmed) facts – and nothing else. No adjectives should be inserted.

My food for thought for this afternoon.

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