Happy July 4th!

Happy July 4th!

July 4th is a pretty good holiday. Not for the reasons you’d suspect.

It’s a “day off” from the grind (for most people).

It’s also a day where friends and family get together and just try to enjoy life.

Whether it’s an outdoor barbecue (yes, that is what BBQ stands for), or just an evening at a park to check out the local fireworks display.

While we’ve become a bit suspect about patriotism overall (i.e., cui bono?), we still like the change in the human landscape during these national holidays.

Everyone seems to be running on fewer cylinders – and life seems to slow down just a bit.

That’s not to say that mentally-enslaved morons are still voluntarily documenting and uploading their entire lives to a “cloud” somewhere – but that is always a separate discussion.

We won’t roll out the usual “historical” diatribe about what this so-called “independence” means – because that has changed dramatically over the decades.

It’s best for the moment to just cherish the simple things in life while we still can. And try to ignore the storm clouds gathering on the horizon. At least for one day.

Enjoy your festivities today, everyone!

Here’s a throwback video from years ago in Hoboken. Typical stuff:

July 4th Hoboken NJ 2017

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