Think Twice: A Cheat Sheet (to always keep handy!)

A cheat sheet for things to think twice about!

As the world moves way too rapidly towards “Idiocracy,” (i.e., limited thought, susceptible victims, easy marks, “feel good” propaganda, fake research, fear tactics, and more,) we felt it would be prudent to create a “cheat sheet” for things to think twice about (or more, if you care to delve into serious research!)

Charity businesses – This racket is over. Any business that has the balls to “donate” free things to others – while you pay FULL PRICE – is simply two things. One, they charge too much – and two, the extra profit is used to “redistribute the wealth” to someone else. No. Not gonna do that. It should be UP TO THE INDIVIDUAL!

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think twice cheat sheet

Think Twice Cheat Sheet

Online retailers. This is not an easy nut to crack. For instance, while most people love Amazon for the low prices and easy customer service, there are incredibly profound impacts. Look at how general “retail” is dying. Like we think Kohl’s should just go away. It is a conundrum that probably needs much more in-depth discussion to understand long-term. If possible – try and game any retailer for your own benefit if you can. (PS – another thing to think twice about are the shrinking options when it comes to shopping – our choices are being destroyed…)

Things that are “popular.” Pop stars (Katy Perry), Actors (any), trends (fidget spinners), fitness (CrossFit), health (soy milk) – we could carry on endlessly. All of this “trending” stuff is not for your true benefit – but for your true DISTRACTION, as well as redistribution of your (MEAGER) wealth – into the pockets of others.

The “health” industry. Or you can call it medical care. Whatever. Your best bet for staying alive as long as possible is to AVOID medical professionals at all costs. Unless, of course, you are bleeding profusely – or have a broken bone. Other than that – you will probably be fine. (Legal Disclaimer: This post is for information purposes only. Due to the litigious nature of the moronic world around us – always consult your so-called “medical professional” for advice. Whether that advice is good or not – it releases us from liability because we said those words.)

Organic anything. Yes, we see the feel-good ideals behind the organic movement. We don’t necessarily align with the financial ramifications (i.e., 3x the expenditures, plus MORE rotten, thrown out food waste!) I personally don’t think organic always tastes better. Some folks in my circle will believe it does (even when we psychosomatically trick them), again, a story for another day. The bottom line is that, yes, the food might be *marginally* better – but the impacts are minimal. Maybe you might live an extra day or two? But you’ll be tens of thousands of dollars POORER! The reward is amazingly LESS than the risk you take just buying ordinary stuff. The things we try to avoid is anything MONSANTO – especially corn-based products. That’s all.

Mainstream anything. Always think twice (or more) about anything mainstream. This includes “news,” and “television,” and “movies,” and “music.” There are more (like publications, etc.) but anything that has become a relative “behemoth” in any regards – is susceptible (and likely to succumb to) corruption. Those outlets are for shaping public opinion and perception only. One caveat is – that they do occasionally publish truthful things, in order to further muddy the waters. That is an age-old trick that needs to be learned and learned WELL. Follow the dots.

Government anything. This probably should have been the first in our (unordered) list – but we write stream of thought, so we don’t care. But “Big Gov’t” is a major issue. When the Founding Fathers formulated this experiment known as the American Republic – they didn’t envision this. Millions of laws set in place coast to coast to CONTROL and ROB the populous. Taxes on everything (what do you get? 27 cents per dollar earned after all the “hidden taxes?) Collectively – the 300+ million population should probably figure out a way to align – instead of divide.

Equality. It is ABSURD to expect everyone to be equal. However, it is NOT absurd to expect that everyone gets an EQUAL chance at proving themselves. Just think about “tryouts” for ANY sports team – any sport. Why would a coach allow a poor performer on the team? For “equality?” That is something you truly need to think a HUNDRED times about before you shove the bullshit equality narrative down anyone’s throat. Got it?

MAGAZINES. Any mainstream, National magazine should be kicked to the curb. I’m certain ALL of them have been corrupted. Misinformation. Pharma ads. Progressive ideals. Sickening. Even once “STEM” magazines like Scientific American, IEEE, or even National Geographic – have all been infected with BS, society-shaping ideals. There are no objective national publications left. You’d have to delve into either local newsletters or find niche sites online.

The Bottom Line

Here’s the jist of it:

Anything that becomes “mainstream” should be discontinued by you. All of the above.

Once something becomes “prevalent across society” (think social media, devices, thoughts, ideas, etc.) is exactly the time you should say “WAIT, let me think for myself!”

Here’s a short list of what WE have done as society goes into this horrible “mainstream” mode. FYI, we don’t mean “mainstream” being just “media.” Mainstream meaning “EVERYONE IS DOING IT.”

– Social media. We voluntarily CHOOSE NOT TO engage in the diatribe. We don’t even look at it. It’s toxic. It’s addictive. It’s unhealthy.

– TV. Don’t have cable or FIOS at all. Any “programming” (funny how it’s called that) is by select choice. Usually by DVD, etc.

– “NEWS.” – All news is nonsense. The only “news” you should care about is what happens specifically TO YOU. Sure, tax incentives or other things “might” cross your path – but 99% of news has no direct bearing on your life. One thing you might like knowing about is weather. Hot. Cold. Rainy. Snowy. That’s it.

Sports are for buffoons. Stupid crimes are useless to hear about. Government a-holes talking about nonsense to keep the salary YOU pay for is also useless.

DO YOUR OWN THING and ignore these mental mind-shifters.

Lastly – get off social media

It’s necessary to add more points: GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA. It’s literally killing you in more ways than one.

I know for a fact – that social media is destructive to your mind. For one of many reasons.

Let me rattle a few off: Comparison. Jealousy. Envy. Wasted time. Wasted time. Wasted time. (I included three “wasted time” for a reason….) Perception, manipulation and of course one of the blockbusters: The Hive Mind.

I could go on… Probably 1,000 or more reasons.

But since I’ve pretty much “retired” my need to even look at my phone – my mental state has become incredibly acute and relaxed. I’m like Neo from the Matrix. I feel free, aware and in tune with my surroundings.

I truly believe – despite what others peddle as the “necessity” to be involved with social media – that abstinence from it will benefit you more.


Because you do not need any of it. It’s just more distraction for your already challenging life. Why make it worse?

Better yet – give it a shot. Take 30 days off as a stupid personal challenge that you can talk about once you get back on. That right there will prove you’re a dope.

Or maybe not. Maybe after those 30 days you might not feel compelled to tweet about it?

You can guess which side I’m leaning towards…

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