Hoboken pop-up “death park!”

Hoboken pop-up “death park!”

This whole thing going on uptown (the pop-up death park) screams two things simultaneously:

  • “So stupid it burns!,” and
  • “Election votes!”

As you might be aware, the lot uptown near Adams and 12th Street is slated to become a full-fledged, multi-function (read: practically useless) park in the future.

However, “mayor” don Zimmer could not just WAIT and do things properly.

No, a TEMPORARY “pop-up” park is being RUSHED into fruition just in time to earn some “feel good” votes from the mentally-enslaved area residents who can’t figure out things for themselves.

So much wrong with this molten-lava hot asphalt vote & press release death park!

For one, they’re just literally PLOPPING playground equipment onto what will amount to BOILING HOT – and HARD AS HELL petroleum-based ASPHALT. Doesn’t matter what you paint over it. If the paint lacks infrared-blocking compounds – that pavement will be hotter than the surface of the sun.

Expect some almost obese parents, nannies, and children to pass out in seconds from heat exhaustion. Add a few more ambulatory calls for injuries sustained from the hard surface. Hello Liability Lawyers!

Why waste property taxpayer money?

How come NONE of the property taxpayers are asking simple, logical questions?

Like: “How much is this pop-up park costing? Why do we need it NOW?”

Seriously – can’t you see the narcissistic intention behind this? If I were Mayor – I’d simply lay out the timeline – and tell people to be patient. Not succumb to bitchy residents who knowingly chose to live in an underdeveloped neighborhood. Screw them!

Nope. The “mayor” is doing this in a slipshod fashion because it “counts” as positive PR for her guaranteed 3rd term as a public money leecher. Platinum benefits and salary for below amateur management sounds like she’s making out like a skeevy bandit. I can see her (and real mayor Stan) rubbing their hands together deviously as they watch their bank accounts swell with YOUR money!

Let the odds-makers start coming up with lines for the ambulance sightings once this opens! (PS – we measured the temperature of the pavement this week – it was over 150 degrees! OUCH!)

Hoboken Death Park pop up adams street - Hoboken pop-up "death park!"

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018 5:13 pm

Well, the cost: “The temporary park now on the land has cost $650,000 from a county Open Space Trust Fund into which county residents pay a small amount of tax each year. City Spokesman Juan Melli said, “about 64 percent of the costs are for items that can be reused in the future.” It’s only a fraction of what the finished product will be.

The design: it’s not finished. Hence, the words TEMPORARY and POP-UP.

The rush: so people don’t write idiotic blogs saying things like “WHY DOESN’T THE CITY DO SOMETHING WITH THIS EMPTY SPACE? WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG???”

The mayor’s third term: how did your guarantee turn out?

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