Adios rADIOShack!

Adios rADIOShack!

We worked at Radio Shack (rADIOShack) back in the late 80’s. Loved it there! Great pay – especially for a teenager who had a passion for the products they sold.

And for a long while, they catered to two solid demographics. People who loved gadgets (stereos, computers, toys, radios, landline phones, etc.) as well as the DIY tinkerer. People who could fix their own things. They had a great run.

Adios Radio Shack Hoboken NJ - Adios rADIOShack!

It was too bad they didn’t see the writing on the wall (i.e., cell phones, apps and other soulless tech) sooner. There was a brief revival towards the end for the DIY again – but it was a little too late.

Even if they did react to the consumer shift sooner, I’m not so sure it would have helped. Online conglomerates like Amazon became unstoppable.

Witnessing the last few years of Radio Shack was embarrassing for them. A glorified cell phone shop with a few other things. Felt awkward.

It’s a shame the DIY community wasn’t big enough to keep them afloat.

Here are a couple pics from the last days of the Hoboken Radio Shack for historical reference.

radioshack radio shack doomed Hoboken NJ - Adios rADIOShack!

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