Thanks, technology

Thanks, technology {for making us rely on you for spelling}

We all make mistakes. With or without the assistance of the spell-check or “auto correct” tools our devices provide us with.

But it’s clear that relying on these devices and tools has a profoundly negative effect on society as a whole.

For 1, ppl now write “sentences” w/ #stupid #hashtags and other shortcuts 2 make them fit. Shoot, I struggle just trying to compose anything in that so-called “digital shorthand.”

On the other hand, it seems that writing full words and complete sentences is becoming a struggle for everyone else.

Who knows.

Here’s one example of a yoga class up at the Hoboken BPO Elks Lodge No. 74 tonight.

Double the opportunity to get it right with this two-sided sign.


Thanks, technology!

thanks technology in Hoboken yoga class guaranteed - Thanks, technology

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