Does drinking wine need to be sophisticated?

Does drinking wine need to be sophisticated?

Cui Bono? Does drinking wine need to be sophisticated?

I had this conversation with a career “winemaker” the other day. And some simple prodding questions – along with the uncomfortable responses from this gentleman got me thinking.

Who said that drinking wine needs to be “enjoyed” in such complicated ways?

  • Sure – wine is and can be “complex”
  • Aromatherapy nuts?
  • Who needs aroma and scents?
  • All people truly care about is the buzz!

wine is not that sophisticated

This guy said to me well if all you want is a buzz, go drink Everlear.

Good point.

Maybe some folks just like having different tastes. A beer has bubbles, so does champagne.

But the olfactory aspects of wine – when did it become so “sophisticated” that people became snobs about it?

“Opening the wine”

“Letting it breathe”

“Start, body, and finish”

What difference does it really make?


We (me) in particular – have more pragmatic observations regarding wine.

1. Is it a good value?
2. Does it taste reasonably good? (We don’t care about “scent” so much unless it smells like skunk or ass.)
3. Do we catch a decent buzz per liter?
4. Do we feel okay or shoddy the next day?

Those should be the questions we ask.

Not how finely crafted the first few sips are (after those – they all taste the same, you suckers!)

What caused the wine-snobbery phenomenon?

The whole wine industry is BS, isn’t it?

To be fair – I guess one could say “what harm is it?” to “enjoy” the so-called “finer” aspects of life – like a sophisticated, multi-layered wine.

The conversation could easily end there – with the response “no harm, to each their own.”

But I don’t like stopping there.

I think the whole thing is a racket – and you have millions of people who have bought into that racket blindly. They will fight TOOTH and NAIL to defend their own “sophisticated” beliefs. They think they’re so knowledgeable about these so-called wine smells, tastes, and aromas – that they have “advanced” in that part of society.

We believe the opposite is true. We think that anyone that is a wine snob is, in fact, a victim. A victim of marketing. Led to believe that these subtle taste changes between bottles, vintages, and so on – are that euphoric that it makes a difference in their lives.

Clinging on to what amounts to as A SIMPLE TASTE – or just a few seconds of “experience” is pretty pathetic.

Same can be said for food critics, or a myriad of other parts of life.

It’s amazing how far we’ve strayed from the fundamental basics of life – all for the profit of others.


1. Unless you’re “indoctrinated” into this club of wine-snobbery – you will use your basic instincts to tell whether you like something or not. And of course, other factors will play into it as well – like price and value. Those wine-snob clubs literally brainwash you into finding value in things that you had never given a shit about in the past. It’s all psychological trickery. To the point where you’re addicted to spending $50 or $100 or more per bottle in order to “enjoy” it. Nothing less will suffice!

2. Many other industries have other minutiae-driven agendas. Like technology (how people can become obsessed over trivial details like megapixels). Or audiophiles (Signal to Noise Ratio!). Or Automobiles (0-60 speeds!). They’re all there to distract you and keep you “upgrading,” or never quite being 100% content. You’ll always want more, more, MORE!

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Whenever I’m around people that brag about an expensive or quality bottle of wine, and they ask me if I like it, I say it tastes like piss.

It throws them off beyond belief.

Good wine is up to the individual anyway.