Real important news and video

Real important news and video {Black Pigeon Speaks}

Last summer, we introduced a truth-speaking video about what “diversity” really means. It came from a YouTube producer called Black Pigeon Speaks.

After that, we sporadically featured other pieces from that vlogger, such as whether America will ever “decline,” and how the Single-Payer Healthcare system is doomed from the start.

The most important takeaway from what I’m trying to communicate here is, that “mainstream news” (i.e., “MSM”) is utterly worthless. In fact, it may be detrimental to society.

When individuals such as Black Pigeon Speaks can disseminate much more useful and truthful information faster, and more concisely than bloated money-making propaganda puppets – you have to pay attention.

Why this matters. NOW.

Some say we’re in the Fourth Turning phase of society. Do your research and see if you concur or disagree.

If you agree – people like Black Pigeon Speaks are those who you want to stay in tune with (while you can.)

Download their videos and SAVE them for future use. You might have to use them one day to inform others in case the streaming world goes dark. Burn them to DVD or save to memory stick.

Below are two relatively recent (in the last week or so) videos that are important to watch – and more precisely – UNDERSTAND.

Look around and see what is happening to society. I mostly blame technology – because it has it’s tentacles into everything. But automation of life is not helping.

Anyway – If you don’t think these clips resonate with you in any way – I’m sorry.

#ManchesterOneLove | Unity, Celebrities & DICK BICYCLES

This is so spot-on.

Think about it. Kids are killed. By migrants. And money is donated to a cause that supports bringing more migrants in? (Shakes his head in how stupid emotionally-charged idiotic humans can be….)

The Left EATS its Own & A Generation of their ENEMY Will ARISE

Another great piece about the (mentally-enslaved “left”) and how they’re so frickin’ confused that they proceed to eat themselves to death (figuratively).

When entire groups of the populous get so easily swept up into ANY “cause” for “whatever” reason – especially when they barely even know THEMSELVES – you have a recipe for disorder and disaster.

They say humans are advanced – I beg to differ. When garbage like this happens – “we have a problem, Houston!”

Another great BPS video production that sums it all up IN UNDER 10 MINUTES. A third more efficient than a mediocre SITCOM!

Anyway – please subscribe to that channel – AND MORE IMPORTANTLY – if you’re on those stupid social media cesspools – SHARE THESE MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY, EVERY DAY!

Peace out, scoundrels!

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