WTF is wrong with almost everyone?

WTF is wrong with almost everyone?

At the end of this article is some stupid video about some “protest” (it doesn’t really matter, but) between two opposing political groups. Historically – it was between the haves and the have-nots – or something along those lines. Today, it’s completely FAKE.

Not “fake” in the sense that there were NOT people protesting or battling or whatever you want to label this stupidity. But fake in terms of what really matters.

What happened below – was not a true ideological battle. It was more of an emotional (and quite frankly – PROGRAMMED) battle of people who are dumb mutha fukkas.

People who are emotionally charged via external forces. Primarily SOCIAL MEDIA – and the “tribes” that are forming within.

While I give more of the benefit of the doubt to the “republic” type people (as in they just want free trade, free will, etc.) versus to the “state loving” left-leaning socialist types – both are just the results of pitting humanity against itself.

How do people get involved in this crap anyway?

We posted an article about avoiding crowds recently. These crowds include the mob types that (on the surface) just want to speak freely – but know deep inside that a conflict is likely.

No one should participate in this crap. It’s all done by design – in order to create friction.

There is no sensible decorum here!

You want sensibility – watch people like Jordan Peterson – he’ll lay it out for you perfectly.

And as you’ve noticed – MOST of these duped idiots (on both sides) are dumb-fuks under 30 years old. Who only know digital communication and social media. Not deep critical thinkers.

Man, oh, man – we have a LOT of work to do in the days ahead. And our time to rectify this is fleeting rapidly!

WTF is wrong stupid people

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