Owning your thoughts

Owning your thoughts

Man oh man – you guys oughta think about this. Owning your thoughts.

Imagine owning your own bonafide thoughts!

You really think you’re independent?

Well, if you watch ANY Television – that cannot be possible!

Same goes for most mainstream publications.

owning your thoughts

But what are original thoughts anyway?

If you think back to the origin of almost everything you do (besides the basics like using the toilet and going to work), most are influenced by some external factor.

Like the desire to have some particular thing.

Or to go to some place.

Or a topic of discussion (current events, etc.)

99% of the “ideas” most people have were shaped in some fashion. Like the way public opinion is shaped, so are even your everyday “doings.”

In order to have more original thoughts, you really have to unplug from most interferences.

Once you get there – it truly is a refreshing feeling (for you).

That’s today’s Food for Thought.

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