Never Forget

Never Forget {it’s more than just 9/11}

As I watch society devolve into their digital matrix and knee-jerk social justice warrior memes – it got me thinking about the whole “never forget” movement.

Search for never forget online – and it’s almost all about the September 11, 2001 thing that shook the world. Whatever it was that happened – changed life as we know it across the globe.

And that “never forget” meme has been hijacked accordingly.

However, there are many other things we should NEVER FORGET.

Let me be so kind as to remind you.

never forget is more than just 9 11


  • Never forget how to greet another human being. Look them in the eyes. Acknowledge their existence. Have a firm handshake. Be their friend.
  • Never forget how to use your physical skills. Not just “CrossFit” or some other stupid, trendy workout regimen. But things like using a manual screwdriver. Or figuring out why you lost power in one room of your apartment. Or how to change a flat tire. Or how to put out a fire, for that matter.
  • Never forget how to live a day or more without your cell phone or internet connection. Life is more than your contacts and news feeds. Life is what is happening directly around you and within your home. That is more important by far than what is happening on your devices or screens. Without a doubt. Think about that for a minute.
  • Never forget your family. Who raised you when you were just a blob of flesh without an ounce of anything. To the parents that properly care for their helpless little offspring. You reached adulthood because of caring people. Never ever forget what they did for you.
  • Never forget to eliminate your TV consumption. All programming today is designed (on purpose) to keep you attached to a screen – and away from your real life.
  • Never forget that you’re mortal. It may be a shoddy feeling to know you’ll never live forever – but that is more reason to make your time on this planet count. Make it count in substantial ways. Not superficial ways. Charity is much more complicated than just donating time or money. Compassion starts at home and extends outward from there.
  • Never forget your ability to say no. No to social constructs. No to social engineering. No to time-wasting endeavors that benefit others.

We could go on and on about the things to never forget (like those who “sacrificed” their lives for us). But those topics may be for another day (if ever).

The point of this was just a friendly reminder that there are INDEED more important things to remember.

Not putting down any significant event – but just that reminder of other very important things that don’t get holidays or special memes and recognition.

Have a nice day!

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