The death of conversation

The death of conversation and observation and contemplation

Some might say that I’m “old school” for bringing up a topic such as The Death of conversation.

But if you take a minute to think – you might see my point.

Critical human skills like conversation, observation, and contemplation are being systematically destroyed before our very eyes.


  • Technology is the main culprit.
  • “Everything in an instant.”
  • Pattern recognition is gone for the most part.
  • Understanding takes time – no one allows it.
  • Who’s observing when everyone is heads-down?

What ever happened to an uninterrupted conversation?

Other than with some older people – most folks I have the opportunity to converse with (for some reasonable amount of time), almost always do one similar thing.

Consult their pocket device. Usually a phone.

“Let me look that up” is the most common phrase.

Why? Why can’t conversations be left with a small amount of wonderment? Or future follow up? Why must everything be done in an instant?

It’s rare (and very welcome) when you do cross paths with someone who understands and values the unstructured, meandering conversation. And who knows what it’s like to listen as well. Without judgment. But with healthy inquisitiveness and real interest.

Not sure about anyone else – but it concerns us that so many souls are getting sucked out of reality.

death of conversation - The death of conversation

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