Victimless Crimes

Victimless Crimes {Who thinks about this?}

The concept of “victimless crimes” is both fascinating and disturbing to us. And we’re certain that many other people feel the same way. Especially after centuries of increasing tyranny from the so-called “ruling powers” (i.e., they’re only in power because people allow them to be… but I digress – and that’s a story for another day).

Almost everyone in Hoboken commits a “crime.” If you want to be a stickler for words – maybe not a “crime” per se, but some kind of “infraction” or “violation” of some decreed “law” somewhere on the books.

The most common in Hoboken are jaywalking, double-parking, and riding bikes on the sidewalk. If you can think of any better ones – let me know. Other more serious infractions – likely “crimes,” include drug possession, gun possession, and driving with a blood alcohol content higher that someone said was no good.

But let’s get back to the concept of “victimless crimes.”

The fascinating point about victimless crimes is that no one was harmed. Doesn’t matter whether someone “might have been” harmed or not. Once you understand that pretty much everyone is “capable” of becoming unhinged and MAY commit a REAL crime at any point in time – kind of sheds light on the whole big picture. They need a point of measure – or a physical object – in order to create “evidence” for their charges. They cannot read minds (yet).

A “crime” against “society” is their justification for caging or stealing from an otherwise harmless individual.

Let’s take a look at some of the ridiculous victimless crimes our tyrannical governments across the country are (literally) killing society with.

PS – how many “crimes against society” have your beloved “politicians” committed?

victimless crimes - Victimless Crimes

Drug offenses

There is one simple reason why some drugs are “legal” (booze, pills) and others are not (pot, cocaine): MONEY.

The “legal” drugs like alcohol are different because so much money is collected via taxation. They don’t care if you drink. However, that was not enough. They had to install stipulations for over-consumption. Which leads to more money funneling into both tyrannical governments as well as the prison industrial complex. “Win win!”

The “illegal” drugs like pot, coke, heroin, etc. – do not have a tax benefit. So pretty much ALL involvement in these bad things results in money for someone.

The main point is: Even if you don’t hurt someone or damage something (other than your own sovereign body), you are forced at gunpoint to PAY.

How screwed up is that?

Harassment, Threats, Intimidation

I was initially on the fence about this concept. If some douchebag wants to bother you for some reason or another. We’ve all dealt with some form of this throughout our lives. Most often it’s found in the (government-mandated) school systems at an earlier age.

To me – the social pecking distribution is almost a natural state of affairs in the way species like humans “find their place.” While I strongly disapprove of forced schooling – it’s bound to happen in any centralized collection of humans. Work being the next place this type of situation occurs.

There are differences between all of us. We disagree on basic concepts sometimes. Other times, it’s almost animalistic – like a battle for a member of the opposite sex (recall I grew up way before transgender and homosexual nonsense.)

And threats, harassment, and intimidation often came into play. Back in my day – as long as no one physically violated you – those threats etc. were just a passing thing. Sometimes the school bastard or bully lasted more than one school year for some unfortunate kids. But overall – those uncomfortable situations had a limited lifespan.

Today – almost anything considered a “threat” (without real physical action) is punishable by law. Which is fucked up.

You can threaten me all you want. I will not care.

You step on my property or violate my personal space along with those threats? I’ll beat the shit out of you. WHY? It’s lawful to do so!

That is the difference between then and now.

I’ll admit – that it is unpleasant to get into an intellectual disagreement with anyone – especially when it involves particularly emotional topics (politics, and anything else the MSM is peddling). But violence never has a place.

If a neighbor disliked me – and stood on my property boundary – and shouted at me all sorts of disparaging things. Not much I can do about it. Let him or her hate to their heart’s content. As long as they do no TRESPASS or physically mess with me – they can be as angry as they want.

The minute they cross the line – they’ll be sorry.

Hope you see my point. Crossing the line.

Speeding, parking, and other unlawful driving practices (like signaling)

Driving violations are the worst. Even if you caused NO HARM TO ANYONE – some government entity can “cite” you for some violation of a societal “law.” And if you do not pony up the dough for their platinum health care benefits – they will stick you in a cage against your will.

There are some (cash-strapped) towns out there in NJ that will summons you for progressing in your car just ONE mile per hour over the “limit” they so decreed. And they often set so-called “speed limits” WAY under what is a natural safe driving speed. Imagine being forced to drive your car 20 miles per hour? WTF?

Same goes with parking. Or lane change signals.

To imply that these “rules” are necessary is nonsense.

So why does a police officer SPEED to catch up to someone? Isn’t that a violation? Why are they “immune?” To “catch” you and take your money? Fuck you, hypocrites! Didn’t you just put other people at risk?

Man, I could go on – but those who do no “get it,” will never get it.

Other crap like zoning and noise violations

Then there is the whole BS nonsense about societal rules. Like how tall a building should be. Or how loud something is allowed to be.

While there is some merit in terms of buildings – most everything else is just a racket.

As you can see – they boil the frog slowly. That allows societal acceptance (over time).

At a certain point in the future – everyone “just accepts” what is.

That is what is fouled up. That fact alone. That hardly anyone says: “WAIT A MINUTE, WHAT IS THIS CRAP?”

Like subservient slaves, they just accept most of it without resistance.

When we collectively understand what is going on – with a majority – then things will take their natural course of correction (as it has many other points in time). However, that is not going to happen. Not in my lifetime at least (maybe another 40-50 years?)

So what next?

Victimless Crimes Should be Abolished

It is not healthy for a functioning society to have these types of “crimes.” Without a doubt, these so-called “crimes against humanity” (as they’re labeled), are essentially just “money for someone else…” Otherwise, they’d just incarcerate the offenders at no cost, right?

Below is a great story from The Daily Sheeple from a few weeks ago. Some dude got arrested for having weed. And maybe some pills. They do a good job at straight-lining the idiocy of this racket we’re “accepting” without critical thought:


funny mug shot e1496257366249 - Victimless Crimes

The photo above is of an actual mug shot.

It perfectly depicts the absurdity of arrests for possession of marijuana and other victimless “crimes”.

Selket Taylor, the man in the photo, was pulled over for using his cellphone while driving in Hampstead, New Hampshire, on Monday.

During the stop, police noticed that – gasp! – Taylor, age 27, had a bag of the devil’s weed marijuana in his cup holder.

Possession of recreational cannabis is illegal in NH. The laws in that state are quite strict: possession of any amount for personal use is a misdemeanor, carries a maximum fine of $350, and can result in up to a year in jail.

That’s right – get caught in NH with a plant that has known medicinal qualities, and you’ll likely be caged and extorted.

Let that sink in.

If you are caught with less than one ounce of cannabis in NH and officers believe you intend to sell it, that’s a felony charge – even for first-time offenses – and you can be caged for up to three years and/or fined up to $25,000! Get caught with more than one ounce, and you will face serious jail time and very hefty fines (up to $300,000).

Back to Taylor’s story.

He has been charged with possession of a controlled drug, transporting a controlled drug in a motor vehicle, use of an electronic mobile device, and felony drug possession. Taylor’s car was seized, and more marijuana was found, along with a bag of unidentified white pills.

Can someone tell me who the victim is in any of those “crimes”? (Hint: there isn’t one.)

No victim, no crime.

Hampstead police posted about the arrest – calling it “Notable” – on their Facebook page on Monday. Their message states “…as a public service announcement — it is illegal to possess recreational marijuana in New Hampshire, even if you only ‘smoke it in Massachusetts.’”

During the stop, Taylor told police he was going to use his cannabis in neighboring MA, where the laws regarding possession are much more lenient. There, possession of up to one ounce is legal. If you are caught with more than one ounce in MA, you can be charged with a misdemeanor, could serve some jail time, and/or could pay a fine of up to $2000.00.

Speaking of ounces, do police carry around scales so they can weigh marijuana during a bust? Or, do they just eyeball it and guess? Do they count all of the parts of the plant as ounces, or just the usable parts? What if a person who gets pulled over has a scale in their vehicle? Would that be considered paraphernalia? Or could the person say they wanted to make sure they never carry more than the “legal” amount, so they keep a scale handy to help them remain compliant with the law?

But I digress.

In eight states and Washington, D.C., recreational use of marijuana is legal. Thirteen states have decriminalized recreational use. As of April 2017, 29 states and DC have legalized medical marijuana.

Going from legal to illegal with harsh penalties is just a state border away.

cannabis e1496264375333 - Victimless Crimes

If you remain skeptical the incredible medicinal properties of cannabis, consider this: your body has an endogenous cannabinoid system. It was designed to benefit from the use of cannabis.

Dr. Dustin Sulak explains:

Endocannabinoids and their receptors are found throughout the body: in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. In each tissue, the cannabinoid system performs different tasks, but the goal is always the same: homeostasis, the maintenance of a stable internal environment despite fluctuations in the external environment.

A quick search of PubMed using the term “endocannabinoid” yields 8,099 published studies. A search for “cannabis” yields 16,452.

Despite higher public support than ever for legalized cannabis and a growing body of research that shows the incredible medicinal value of the plant, some “authorities” just can’t seem to grasp that the time to end the war on drugs is long overdue. Marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon – if ever.

plant weed - Victimless Crimes

The biggest danger associated with marijuana is getting caught with it.

The War on Drugs has created a police state that is far more dangerous than the drugs themselves.

Prohibition does not work – it never has, and it never will.

If you believe that people like Taylor should be arrested for possession of cannabis, ask yourself this question:

Are the government and its agents authorized – or even qualified – to tell you how to run your life, what you can ingest, or how to manage your health?

Laws restricting what individuals can put into their bodies are unethical – not to mention absolutely tyrannical.

“I think it can be shown that the law makes ten criminals where it restrains one.” – Voltairine de Cleyre

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Friday, June 30, 2017 12:42 am

Almost everyone I bring up the concept of victimless crimes to, does not get it. When I say what harm did a person do for having a bag of pot on them? Why do they have to pay the state fines? Why is their freedom relinquished? Who did they harm?

Each one of those people say that the person broke the law.

When asked if the law was justified, they didn’t care. Only that it was a law, and it was broken.

Whatever societal conditioning that has taken place over the past century has worked overall. Only a small percentage of the populous can question these topics. The rest are brainwashed slaves, or those who do not care and get sucked into the prison system.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x