Hoboken Farmers Market 2017

Hoboken Farmers Market 2017

For the past umpteen years – Hoboken had both an uptown and downtown farmers market. Two different days a week. More recently, an independent (non-city affiliated) market operated on Saturdays near 14th Street.

Well – starting today – the uptown and downtown farmers markets are no more. They have combined to make a single Tuesday market in “midtown” at Church Square Park.

We’re sort of indifferent about the change. While it was nice to have more options during the week – they were at the far ends of town. Everyone will see pros and cons to the change. It appears downtown residents are the most affected.

Additionally – it’s kind of disrespectful to take whatever little park space Hoboken has – and convert it into a weekly commercial endeavor. Doesn’t matter if it has the “local” or “farm to table” labels. These are public places for residents that have been taken over for private gain. What next? Events seven days a week? Defeats the purpose of these parks.

Hoboken Farmers Market 2017 Church Square Park - Hoboken Farmers Market 2017

Here’s the presser:

“We are thrilled to announce that two mainstays of Hoboken foodie life have converged to bring you a bigger, badder, farmers market. Beginning Tuesday, June 6, and running through Thanksgiving, you will find the former ‘downtown’ and ‘uptown’ markets have now become one, making Church Square Park your new destination for one stop food shopping in Hoboken. Come visit the new market, which is conveniently located near the basketball courts on Fifth and Garden Streets.

Since the Summer of 1997 the Hoboken Farmers Market has helped New Jersey farmers sell their produce directly to the residents of Hoboken. It’s a weekly event that brings rural and urban New Jersey together and reminds us all how Jersey earned its well-deserved nickname, ‘the Garden State.’ Our mission has always been to preserve open space and to help Hoboken be a happy and healthy community. Combined, our farmers plant close to 1,000 acres each year. Shopping at a farmer market is great for the local economy, your health, and your carbon footprint.

Stop by any Tuesday, June through November, from 2:00 to 8:00 at Church Square Park and pick up some fresh-from-the-farm produce for dinner or a scrumptious peach pie for the weekend barbecue. Don’t be shy to ask our vendors about how their produce is grown and how its best prepared. There is nothing like sweet corn and a juicy Jersey tomato to signal the arrival of summer!

This year’s vendor will include Union Hill Farms, Melick’s Town Farm, Circle Brook Organic Farms, Pickle-icious, Dr. Pickle, Gina’s Bakery, JC Fish Stand, Naturalvert, Gourmet Fruits and Nuts, and Hoboken Farms.”

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