Your private life?

Your private life {who has one?}

Having a private life. Your private life is something that is practically non-existent in 2017. And not by force – but voluntarily by almost everyone!

#1 Social media destroys your private life

You upload almost every moment of your life.

Cute photos of your kids.

Neat pictures of a skyline and a Starbucks coffee.

Stuff you acquired.

Things you did. Yoga, vacations, meals.

All those things go in a “cloud” somewhere. Where analysis is done (facial recognition, landmarks, comments, etc.)

That gets processed and turned into a financial goal for someone else (via psychological programming, advertising, timeline modifications, etc.)

Why do you do it? Because it’s easy?

private life - Your private life?

#2 “High-Tech” surveillance

They’ve been tracking movement for a while. Things like:

EZ-Pass monitoring – even when you’re not at a toll plaza.

License plate scanning at random times.

Video cameras almost everywhere you look.

Facial recognition (cameras, cell phones, etc.)

Other than living on your own 20-acre farm and wearing a disguise – it is next to impossible to escape prying eyes. And that includes your ONLINE movement and shopping as well!

You almost have to go “off the grid”

Even just shopping online – at places like Amazon, eBay or whatever. Or installing plugins to save a few pennies – will result in your privacy being insulted to some degree.

You’ll get emails and notifications, etc. They’ll track and harass you until you buy again (or unsubscribe!)

The only remedy is to buy things cash and stop shopping online. That’s the only escape!

Naturally – there are other tactics – like using special email addresses just for commerce and other things. But the days of truly being untracked are essentially over. They’ll find you one way or another.

But by not engaging in those social media networks (especially on your mobile trackers) – is a good start. And not buying anything on those devices is also a good idea as well. Do everything at home – and keep your mobile devices to email and photos alone (better off having a non-internet connected dedicated digital camera.)

Not sure how many of you can muster up the strength to disengage – but you better start planning now.

Here is further reading you can engage in that talks about your utter lack of privacy:

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