Ψ Imperial Conditioning – Fear… the controlling meme

Ψ Imperial Conditioning – Fear… the Controlling Meme

by Cognitive Dissonance

[411 Note: This is brilliant. It should be of importance for those who have lived in the bubble of urban life for so long, they forget many things. That is just one of many incredible takeaways you can get from this article. Beats any “mainstream” piece on “what gadgets are HOT for 2017,” that is for sure. But it’ll trigger those who cannot think openly…]

“Admittedly we are a bit isolated from the rest of the world up here on the mountain. While we do venture off on a near weekly basis, our destination is almost always nearby mid-size towns where the big box grocery and retail stores are located. Occasionally we visit Winston-Salem, NC, about as big of a ‘big city’ we care to interact with.

We are beginning to feel a bit like Appalachian hillbillies, dreading the sight of city buildings while breathing a sigh of relief when we finally catch our first glimpse of the mountains upon our return.

“Look ma, it’s the mountains.”

“Hurry up pa. Just get me home.”

While I love interacting with others, I no longer get the opportunity to do so on a daily basis. So on those rare occasions when we have off-the-mountain company stop by, I tend to ask lots of questions regarding their personal observations and point of view of the ever evolving insane asylum. Though I tend to use indirect methods when peppering my guests with queries.

The other day some friends of ours, who own land down the road a piece, stopped by for an enjoyable hour and half of conversation. While he is fully retired, she still maintains an active therapy practice. What better person could there be to question about my fellow mad hatters than someone who looks into our minds professionally.

I asked a simple question. What does she find is the overall or prevailing concern or theme on the minds of her patients? Her answer was immediate and certain.


There was no hesitation or hedging on her part; this was the common link that tied all her patients together. Granted since most, if not all, of her patients self referred, her sample base is obviously skewed towards those who are in emotional distress to begin with. But this alone doesn’t invalidate her observation. In fact I might argue it actually supports it since something is obviously disturbing her patients enough for them to seek help.

A second recent (confirming) observation, this time mine, occurred nearly two months ago. Those who read me regularly know I have recently re-entered the sickcare industry for treatment of several long standing and lingering issues. Plus a newly discovered one unearthed when routine medical tests indicated a potentially serious problem.

A referral to a specialist was secured, followed shortly thereafter with an appointment. Since Mrs. Cog and I had already seen the results of the routine tests, we had a very good idea what we would encounter when visiting the specialist.

We were not disappointed.

For privacy reasons I will not discuss the specifics. This isn’t about me, but rather our observations of a prevailing social meme reported from several sources under different circumstances. The bottom line was simple….the specialists recommended an ‘invasive’ procedure to (supposedly) help determine exactly what was going on….maybe, possibly, most likely, with a reasonably high certainty…probably. While only once spoken about directly by the doctor, the projected expected diagnosis was the big ‘C’, aka cancer.

I suspect this was the point where Mrs. Cog and I were supposed to fall into each other’s arms in fear and trepidation, then beg the high priest in the virginal white coat to exorcise my inner demons by any means possible, damn the costly torpedoes. Get-it-out-of-me-now.

Unfortunately, she was disappointed.

I informed the doctor we wished more time to explore different options and procedures, while she keep on pushing her one and only product, the super duper deluxe invasive procedure that would reveal to us the secrets of life, death and taxes.


She was polite but insistent, constantly acknowledging my ‘obvious’ intelligence and agreeing it was good to do my own research. But since the test could not be scheduled for at least two months (they are doing a brisk business in super duper deluxe invasive procedures these days) shouldn’t I get it scheduled now? I could always cancel if I changed my mind.

The ‘obvious’ unspoken meme here was the ‘obvious’ urgency of properly diagnosing the dreaded “C” so we could then move on to the recommended consensus treatment, usually some combination of cut, burn and poison…also known as surgery, radiation and chemo.

My firm, but polite, “No” was clearly tickling her cognitive dissonance.

At one point I asked her if she had ever run into someone like me before…meaning a person who wasn’t immediately following her recommendation. She quickly answered in the negative. In fact, her patients are usually upset to find they must wait so long (two months) before “The Procedure” can be performed.

She was never condescending or derogatory in her tone or demeanor. While Mrs. Cog might disagree with that observation, I sensed in her great conviction and certainty, the prevailing characteristic of most highly trained Imperial professionals. She knew what was best for me and her challenge was simply to convince her ‘highly educated’ patient of the correct path forward to medical nirvana.

It was clear to us her point of view was I must not understand, that either I was not asking the right questions or she wasn’t properly answering them. Naturally if this impasse were removed I would immediately move heaven and earth to rid myself of these evil inner spirits….with her expert help and guidance of course.

I mean, she’s the expert for crying out loud. And this is the big “C” we’re (not) talking about. Why weren’t we reacting to this news on a purely emotional level and following her orders…..er…recommendations?


Desperate Final - Ψ Imperial Conditioning - Fear... the controlling meme

I apologize if my ‘obvious’ derision is bleeding through. I am not mocking her education or sincerity, just her Imperially conditioned and tragically narrow mindset which trades off of fear instilled in others so they feel compelled to follow her advice and purchase her product.

Although she does not directly engage in the ‘fear’ trade (though I could argue otherwise) ‘it’ always lurks in the back ground as the compelling force pushing all medical diagnostic and treatment decisions forward.

While I am quite confident she has no evil intent or desire to harm her patients, presenting herself as an expert who trades off fear, regardless of her good motives, is just not right. However, I am absolutely certain she would not see it that way. She is the product and outcome of a consumer culture gone mad, an unsustainable socioeconomic system desperate to survive (since it is long past thrive) by pulling demand forward and manufacturing compelling reasons to purchase…..whatever is presently being sold.

But she is not alone.

We are compelled to consume now for fear of missing out on what the herd is presently gorging on. The feeding trough may presently be filled to the brim, but there are plenty of our fellow pigs feasting of the slop. This triggers our basic instinct to feed our insatiable hunger, jealously, greed and fear of going without because the rest of the herd got there first.

Fear is the basic building block of our modern Imperial culture, embedded so deeply within the very fabric of society it’s rarely recognized for what it truly is. Early on in my sobriety, during a scathing self assessment while taking my personal inventory (meaning examining my character, actions and faults) I realized everything I had done, all the illogical reasoning I had employed, all the emotional triggers utilized to avoid facing the imagined boogieman under the bed, boiled down to one fundamental emotional response……fear.

It didn’t start out this way. But anytime a single focus, meaning obsession or addiction, overrides or subverts all other pursuits, beliefs or actions (even if it lurks in the unconscious background and don’t appear to be overt or obvious) grotesque distortions gradually transform the consumed entity into a shadow of its former self. Huge quantities of time and energy are devoted to the single minded purpose of pursuing, feeding and surviving (for as long as possible) the addiction.

Ultimately it becomes an obsession/addiction of self/state, with the actual obsessed focal point (drugs, alcohol, food, imperial control via police state) the symptom and not the disease.

The mental, emotional and spiritual gymnastics involved are sweeping and transformative in their magnitude. Some manage to ‘cope’ with their addiction for years, decades even, without serious fallout or degradation in lifestyle, socioeconomic condition or social status. For others, the fall into the abyss can be sudden and swift. The vast majority fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

When entire societies and cultures are engulfed in the insanity, ultimately the damage from the fall depends very much upon how strong the social, spiritual and financial bonds are before the disease begins to degrade the very systems it feeds upon. Denial, on the individual and institutional level, can both delay and hasten the process, depending upon multiple factors which are beyond the scope of this article to detail.

Suffice to say if the culture begins with a high standard of living encompassing generations spanning all socioeconomic classes, such as encountered in the USA, it could easily take several decades for the rot and moral failings to infect all strata of society. Here again, denial plays a major role in how the initial and spreading signs of decay are interpreted and whether corrective actions are instituted.

Because America’s socioeconomic and political systems have been sown far and wide, virtually across the globe  and under the guise of spreading ‘democracy’, the infection has further to travel and can be camouflaged or exported for many years, decades even, before the terminal phase begins. Worse, since many foreign countries, even continents, remain to be fully conquered by the Empire, further expansion can temporary dilute, or even stay, the rate of infection and decline.

Regardless, the end result is inevitable and entirely predictable in a general sense. The entity in question is consumed by itself in a manner similar to bankruptcy; at first slowly, then very quickly. Even if everyone is not consumed by the madness, all are affected by the general state of insanity and are pulled into the abyss in varying degrees as if compelled by the unseen, yet overwhelming, gravity well of a black hole.

One cannot ‘see’ gravity or the madness, only the effects of the exponentially escalating power of the insanity. The closer you get to the source of the psychosis, the greater the power it has over the Imperially captured mind.

What few understand, except for those who discover the secret (often out of desperation since nothing else has worked) and then practice prevention on a daily basis, is the lunacy’s power over us comes directly, and solely, from us.

It’, meaning both the Empire and the insanity found deep within us all, is powerless if we offer it no power. But make no mistake about this. While ‘it’ will ‘take’ our power if none if offered, what ‘it’ truly feeds on is for us to willingly offer our power to ‘it’.

And ‘willingly’ includes coerced, extorted, blackmailed and conned…..especially conned since a true con only works when we are fully and willingly involved.

The more we attempt to control the obsession, the more power we hand to our obsession. Our own all powerful force of will is turned against us by our very own insanity, just as if we were fighting a master of Judo, an expert in using our own weight and exertions against us.

While I can only speak with authority about myself with regard to my personal journey into the madness of addiction, fear is not the root ‘cause’ of the insanity. But it is the driving force propelling our addiction forward, even if it is solely the fear our addiction will not be sated, however temporary that might be.

It is entirely counter intuitive and contrary to our Imperial conditioning to recognize, then fully accept, that the only way to disarm the underlying insanity of our cultural addiction is to first disarm ourselves. And herein lay the rub, for our insanity informs us that it’s not us, but them, they, those people over there who are the source of the problem. Therefore nothing ever changes because we, meaning I, refuse to change.

Observant readers may have noticed my repeated use of the word ‘Imperial’. This is deliberate and I use it to indicate the culture of Empire, where always and everywhere brute force is always implied as the final answer to any question if the Empire does not get its way.

Sure, ‘negotiations’ are the ‘civilized’ way business is done with the Empire, if for no other reason than to allow the other side a way to save face. But when the wolf ‘negotiates’ with the sheep regarding the dinner menu, only the completely self deluded, or those deep in denial, fail to understand the ultimate outcome of the negotiation. Resistance is futile. Submit or be destroyed.

Because we are Empire and the Empire is us (but not I, said little Bo Peep, seeking plenty of plausible deniability) force of will, then of gun, is the only tool Empire possess, thus the only method Empire will ever use. This assures one and all self destruction is the only outcome, explaining perfectly the trajectory of all empires past, present and future.

Once again, it is beyond the scope of this article to fully explore the concept of Imperial conditioning, especially the listing of the thousand and one nuanced cultural points of view that encompass the Imperial mindset. This train of thought will be more fully explored in future articles.

Cognitive Dissonance


Fear 2 - Ψ Imperial Conditioning - Fear... the controlling meme

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