SoHo Flower & Garden

SoHo Flower & Garden

At some point in the recent past – Hoboken Realty Management at 264 First Street closed or relocated – and was replaced by a botanical outlet called SoHo Flower & Garden.

I’m kind of pleased that someone took the chance to open a horticulturally-based retail store – especially when we pointed out that the 14th Street Garden Center in nearby Jersey City was the only other dedicated place to go (other than Home Depot, etc.) So I give props for that.

Hopefully, the rent vs. profit margin + repeat customer-formula for these new guys works out positively.

But that got me thinking…

SoHo Flower Garden Hoboken NJ

Flowers are Mother Nature’s planned obsolescence!

Food and fuel were some of the very first “replaceable” needs humans had. Heat (or shelter) and sustenance – without a doubt – are necessities.

But I can imagine – the very first primitive florist (who sold cut flowers or other annual plants) must have had one of the first “long-term” sustainable business ideas.

To sell something for profit that is destined to DIE and needs replacing.

Early flower shops must have been like the first Apple stores. Every year a new version of a product came out. Iphone. iPhone 2. iPhone 3. Etc.

“This year’s batch of Tulips are better than ever! They look brighter! They smell better! Come get yours NOW before they sell out!”

However, it’s no wonder why the overall number independently-owned flower shops and garden centers have diminished greatly over the past couple decades. I’ll list a few here:

  • The most important reason is that people seem to have LESS disposable income. They invest most in digital garbage – not flowers. “Why flowers?” is probably what most people say – when they can tweet happy birthday and put an emoticon next to some letters.
  • Home Depot and Lowe’s (and any bodega, supermarket, etc.) all sell flowers now. If anyone can sell them – why pay a premium for a “boutique?” I hate buying flowers with a passion. The cost is exorbitant – and the longevity is minimal. I’d rather burn my money than buy flowers. (Buying seeds and caring for a plant is SO MUCH more fulfilling.)

But this industry will probably survive. Because flowers offer both emotional and superficial hooks to the purchase. For every person like me who says “I’d rather have the cash you spent on these flowers,” there are probably 100 more people who never ever come close to thinking practically.

PS – Who else thinks using the famous NYC “SoHo” as a name in Hoboken is kind of unimaginative?

Description: Flower shop.
Address: 264 First St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201) 313-7989

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