Weekend Tweet Warriors

Weekend Tweet Warriors {or after-hours}

You can spot a lonely loser very quickly on social media. One of the first easy signs is when you recognize one of many weekend tweet warriors.

Weekend tweet warriors – are people who:

  • Have a “regular job.”
  • Tweet sporadically and inconsistently during that job.
  • Yet tweet prolifically outside the hours of work.
  • Especially on weekends.

What does that tell you when you read between the lines?

Most obviously – it tells you that when they have “free time,” they spend it on social media.

It also tells you that whatever is happening in their lives during that spare time – is not worth it. That they’d rather “escape” into the digital matrix to find purpose. To have a voice. To “be” someone.

However – that is a dead-end street to find true internal satisfaction.

Those people that send out 20, 50 or 100 tweets a day when they are “off” from work – should probably find a hobby. Or learn a new skill.

weekend tweet warriors - Weekend Tweet Warriors

The need to chime in on almost everything

This is one of the major pitfalls of our current digital communication paradigm.

The stunning number of people who absolutely feel the need to opine about everything.

And it’s not just a comment about a “current event,” or nifty new product.

You now have to “thank” people just for “following” you.

Or compliment them for an ordinary photo of a cloud (that was of course made using a digital filter that required no effort other than being somewhere at a certain point in time.)

The digital world of communication, some say, is the “new frontier” of human interaction.

Sure, it may be “new” and a “frontier” to some degree. But the output is akin to a garbage disposal. It’s shit.

It’s a shame more people cannot step back and realize the path they’re on.

It’s not good for the brain. It’s not good for humanity. And it certainly is not good for human evolution, that’s for sure.

Homework: For the next month – astutely observe people between 18-30 years of age. See how they behave. Check their non-verbal body language. Watch their eyes in particular. And if you’re up to it – converse with them. Toss them a softball. Then ask a serious question. You’d be astonished at what you get back in return. Bonus: Ask how many check their phone first thing before getting out of bed in the morning.

Counterpoint: Digital is the future

I’ll quickly add – that some people believe that there is a huge opportunity (at least financially) in the new digital frontier.

That may be true – for today – and the near-term.

Making some quick bucks while you (literally) take advantage of people who do not (and probably care not to) understand what this all means – is fair game.

But it doesn’t mean it’s right.

It’s similar to those who know in advance there is an illegal drug epidemic – and they decide to open a rehab clinic in every afflicted area.

It doesn’t solve the problem to profit from a movement or societal shift. It just personally enriches a few. Kind of selfish, no?

It’s hard as hell to defeat the machine at this point. But at least you can give it a modest effort and play your part.

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