Olive Garden BARGAIN

Olive Garden BARGAIN

(Some helpful info if you’re looking for a cheap place to eat today.) We cook almost all of our meals exclusively at home. For many reasons. However, “out and about” recently – we HAD to take a meal break. And somehow, found ourselves at an Olive Garden during lunch time. WTF? We witnessed an Olive Garden BARGAIN right before our very eyes!

I was with a relative and her kid.

For under $20 (including tip, we were able to feed three people VERY WELL.)

Full meals – plus leftovers. They have this lunch deal for $5.99 where you get a meal plus unlimited salad and their “signature” dressing. The mother’s meal was able to feed TWO.

olive garden salad

Olive Garden Salads are pretty popular.

How does Olive Garden stay in business?

From what we understand the company that owns Olive Garden (as well as LongHorn Steakhouse and others): Darden – is doing quite well.

Even though they have “unlimited salads and bread sticks,” which to us, would mean “gorging” from the lamestream American public – it apparently does quite well.


Well – it seems that the Olive Garden and associated restaurants – do a good job of keeping their tables moving. People apparently just want to get the fuck out and rush home to take massive dumps. That is my guesstimate. You need to turn tables fast in a restaurant business in order to stay profitable.

olive garden gluten free pasta

Someone enjoyed the gluten-free pasta with grilled chicken.

So how was Olive Garden?

I wouldn’t say “amazing,” but the Olive Garden “signature” salad was pretty damn good. (We visited before I started my “meat only” regimen.) And some chicken dish we ordered was also fairly done. I didn’t feel like we were “cheaped out” whatsoever.

Since we don’t gorge on bready stuff often – I can imagine how they get people out. Those breadsticks probably put people into a coma, where they just want to go home and lay in the fetal position.

We had tons of stuff to do, and didn’t stuff our arteries with carbs – but still felt rather okay with our experience.

(PS – it was either my first – or at the most second time at an Olive Garden. I vaguely recall having one other visit in the past – but could not recall it with confidence).

After visiting – I even suggested that I might go back once again. Perhaps they do put addictive ingredients in their sauces or dressings?

But for that amount of money (less than $20 to feed THREE) – you can understand why their parking lots ARE JAMMED FULL each time you drive by.

It may be the best value proposition in America!

olive garden bargain

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