We got bills

We got bills We got Taxes We got Dreams

Graffiti on the Holland Tunnel outshoot reads “We got bills, We got taxes, We got dreams.”

So much so wrong and so right about that.

For one – we could probably write a 20,000-word article about what this might mean – and the intention behind it. Heck, it could even be government propaganda for all we know!

But let’s keep it simple for the time being.

we got bills another perspective

To put the sign into a better perspective

What does that “we got bills” graffiti mean for the most part?

For some folks – it means – they have bills to pay – and the government to pay, while their dreams are out of touch. At least on the surface.

“We got bills” – well, most people could add at least $4,000 per year – maybe up to $10,000 per year in their pocket if they eliminated bad purchasing decisions. The top two are cell phones and television. Those alone would net at least four grand a year. Next are poor food purchase decisions. Mainly COFFEE. I can get 180 cups of coffee for TWO CENTS A CUP (if I drink black), by buying discounted instant coffee. Think about it.

“We got taxes” – There are some people who have voluntarily decided to live below the tax line, and have done fine. That means earning just below that limit. At that point, unfortunately, all you have left is the other horrible taxes like sales tax and other fees that should be labeled “hidden taxes” instead. It’s almost impossible to escape the money-grabbing hand of “big brother.”

“We got dreams” – Don’t we all. Eternal wealth is probably at the top of most people’s list.

However, what is left off this list of bad things and pipe dreams – is “WORK HARDER” and “GRIN AND BEAR IT.” A few more might include “HAVE PATIENCE AND SAVE,” or “FIND BETTER FRIENDS.” Lastly, others could also be “STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS,” and “FIGURE IT OUT!”

In the end, the system is rigged

Yeah, I can bash the list. But there are some truths that need more discussion.

Like the fact that the system really is rigged. Think about it. What are the chances some ordinary schlub from a financially impoverished area can “make it big?”

Especially if they lack the phony “skills” that other fake people are good at?

I’m particularly convinced that “TPTB” purposely keeps people down. Not because they hate per se, but because it makes economic sense to have an impoverished class.

Also, less competition makes for smooth sailing, right?

We Got (not motivation?)

When I see these signs – it makes me wonder if anyone in the inner cities knows how to use the internet search engines.

Perhaps they’re not using them for motivation or for self-improvement?

Every time I see some inner city person walk by me – they’re “pumping” music through those CRAPPY speakers. Shit, that is NOTHING compared to the boom boxes I saw in the ghetto I grew up in.

Like I said – those billboards offer not inspiration. Just complaints.

That right there is part of the problem. No matter who wrote the billboard or not.

We got bills we got taxes we got dreams billboard graffiti Jersey City NJ Route 495

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