Taco Truck wasteland

Taco Truck wasteland

Below is a pic we took of one of Taco Truck’s other locations outside of Hoboken – in bustling liberal Morristown, NJ.

We took it shortly after they shuttered.

A local truck driver came up to us and said “Damn, they closed? They were open the other day!”

I explained the predicament – and they shook their head.

I never liked Morristown. It’ll be one of the first “high end” towns to falter in our opinion. In fact, it looks like it already has started. Something so fake, shallow, and disingenuous about that place.

Sure, the “green” in the center of town is a sort of nice place. But how long does that crap last? Morristown is very vulnerable to “viruses,” and I’d recommend thinking twice if you decide to make this place the center of your life. Something ain’t right. And the fact that the “beloved” Taco Truck was shuttered across the board says something. It’s up to you to figure out what exactly that is.


(PS – if you think a “buzzing social media feed” is your ticket to retirement – think again. Success still requires at least a few brain cells!)

Taco Truck Doomed WTF - Taco Truck wasteland

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