NJ Transit lost opportunity

NJ Transit lost opportunity at Hoboken train station

The tracks closed by that tragic NJ transit accident at Lackawanna Plaza was re-opened in the latter half of May this year. Almost three-quarters of a year after the deadly incident that made media outlets swarm with activity.

However, no obvious additional “safety measures” were installed. The same old train station.

Some folks emailed us as said “way to go, NJ Transit and that big dumb F*T F**K Chris Christie!”

Dunno. I kind of agree with them. I mean – what is preventing the next “conductor” from just falling asleep being bored to death with CAT GIFS on Facebook or Twitter? Why didn’t they say – “Hey, let’s re-engineer this death-trap into being a bit less of a death-trap?”

Hole-EE-Phuck! Our world is in a hand-basket at this point. And you can guess where it is going.

NJ transit hoboken train station - NJ Transit lost opportunity

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