Kohl’s should be doomed

Kohl’s should be doomed {really}

I’m sure all of you are familiar with the Kohl’s department store. While we’ve never really had a “bad” experience there, observing what they’ve been doing over the years leads us to believe that Kohl’s should be doomed fairly soon.

Why do we feel that way?

Well – let me detail just three examples (out of many) of why this racket cannot (and should not) continue much longer.

Kohl’s praises the “As Seen on TV” BS

Just looking at Kohl’s website – they feature a dedicated category to “As Seen on TV.” That alone should sound the warning bells.

Stuff like Rachael Ray, and other craptastic (read: high-profit margin garbage) kitchen tools and appliances is just bad. High prices and low quality. Better off buying things at the dollar stores or odd lots – because they’re essentially made by the same Chinese corporations under different “brand names.”

How people get sucked into the “As Seen on TV” crap STILL to this day makes you realize how powerful the psychological effect of television still is. Mentally-enslaved morons simply believe that because it was “on TV,” and the merits seem plausible – they just get sucked in.

The items might even feel “well made,” but that is a charade. They may feel nice, but they are absolutely not meant to last like quality products. Not at all!

Kohls as seen on tv a bad sign for retail - Kohl's should be doomed


This is just ONE example of many I can provide – but this is a recent personal experience.

I needed a light spring/summer raincoat the other day. After going to places Marshall’s or TJ Maxx (which are suspect in their own ways…) and finding out they only really have “coats” in the winter time, I headed over to Kohl’s to see what they had. Time was of the essence, and my options to be picky were limited.

I found a nice enough raincoat on sale. “Normally” a whopping $80.00, but lo behold, it was on sale for “only” $39.99. It fit well (I had to buy XXL in order to get sleeves sufficient enough), and I was happy enough with the quality and design. No problem. I felt like I sort of “won” because of the sale.

Fast forward a week later. I found myself at Modell’s. Interestingly, their selection of men’s shorts and polos intrigued me – especially because of a recent Memorial Day sale. I continued browsing…

Good gosh! I found the EXACT SAME RAINCOAT there (under a different “brand name” of course), for just $29 – NOT ON SALE! $29 was their FULL PRICE! Same tags, same coat, different name (and of course WAY different price!)

kohls modells price discrepancy rain jacket - Kohl's should be doomed


Did I pay $10 more for a jacket on sale for 50% off at Kohl’s than the exact same full-priced jacket at Modell’s? YES, I DID.


Gamification of Kohl’s (Kohl’s Cash)

Kohl’s has gamified their shopping experience. At the expense of lowly idiots who seek “wins” in their lowly lives. See my post about gamification to learn more.

Very often, Kohl’s “incentivizes” (i.e., games) their customers. They offer these “Kohl’s Cash” coupons for every $50 spent. In my case, it was $10 off my next $25 or more purchase (only during a four-day period sometime in the near future.)

Then it dawned on me – when I thought about other visits to Kohl’s, I remembered almost every other customer before me was involved in the Kohl’s Cash racket. They have customers mesmerized by this “winning” or “savings” ritual. Where they have “free money” (not really) to spend during a limited period in the future, or else they “lose” it.

That in itself is a major league racket. Getting people to spend money for stuff they probably do not need – which is already ARTIFICIALLY marked up. And they probably mark stuff up even more during that four-day “redemption” period as well. I wouldn’t be surprised.

kohls cash suckers - Kohl's should be doomed

Why Kohl’s doesn’t deserve to stay in business:

When more people wake up to the fact that:

1. Kohl’s “prices” are not genuine.
2. They gamify you psychologically.
3. You spend money on things you don’t need – because of that psychological tactic.
4. They sell mostly high-profit margin SHIT.

Kohl’s will die a quick death.

However, Kohl’s locations are strategically placed for the most part. Their target demographics are people who are out of shape, love television, and cannot think critically. Thus, they have willing idiots that schlep into their store to part ways with their hard-earned money (or EBT cards) to get shoddy garbage that will fall apart rapidly.

(I just hope my raincoat lasts at least one season. I would have returned it – but I took the tags off and had already washed it. The right thing was to keep it.)

PS: The ONLY reason to buy anything at Kohl’s EVER is: THE CLEARANCE RACKS. You might find something worthwhile. In fact, we found a very nice winter sweater in our size for just $6. That is okay. It still probably created a profit for them (“list price” was $50), but it was worth it to us.

Kohls should be doomed - Kohl's should be doomed

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I bought an exact coat like yours. What a piece of garbage.

The zipper gets caught in itself every single time.

I am returning it ASAP.

Kohl’s sucks. We agree!