What you want and need

What you want and need {how much is real?}

As we continually peel back the layers of society and the “things” that exist (products, monetary, political, and societal systems, etc.) more and more questions pop up. Which is great, actually. Because that means our minds are working (still). But what came up again, was “what you want and need.” For instance:

  • – Why do people line up for days or weeks to get the latest iPhone?
  • – Or why do people in inner cities literally kill each other over $300 Nike sneakers? (A better question is why there ARE $300 sneakers in the first place…)
  • – Other than shelter, food, clothing, and other basic (real) necessities – what more is necessary for a good life?

What you want and need. Do you ever question the mechanisms (both internal and external) that fuel those actions?

Marketing is one reason…

To top this sub-section off, here’s a classic Bill Hicks piece. Brilliant:

(The fact that these great videos have been online for half a decade or more – and have just a few “registered” views – is testament to what is going on…)

Marketing, psychological manipulation, consumerism, and much more – have created a horrific society filled with people who are almost entirely EMPTY unless they keep consuming. That even includes us during various stages of our life. Even as recently as last year!

The allure of “new,” or “better,” or whatever the buzzword is – is astounding. I’m not sure any single person in the modern countries has not been affected. It’s a human weakness that entire industries have invested billions in capitalizing on.

Might frugality even be bad for society?

Most people I know, become frugal when their income stream is in jeopardy – which makes sense. You can only acquire what you have the means to fund (with the exception of temporary extensions like credit card debt).

But when “TPTB” senses that money velocity is down – they permit anyone and everyone to get “loans” to buy even more stuff with money they can’t afford to repay back.

Perhaps these financial “geniuses” at these global commerce centers understand that poor people who cannot buy crappy cars are not good for car companies. Which is why they adjust the levers of finance accordingly to keep things flowing as they planned. Money and debt.

A country filled with intelligent, prudent, frugal, cost-conscious customers would be BAD for at least one part of the economy. Maybe even more?

Which is why they got you by the balls.

What you want and need - What you want and need

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