Do you own MBT Shoes?


Have you heard of MBT Shoes?

hoboken-mbt-shoes.jpgOne of my lame “excuses” for not working out in a while (besides running this site you’re reading now), is my dog Oscar. The four or five walks he gets daily consume about two or more hours of my time. (Oh, FYI I just set up my Nintendo Wii Fit yesterday, and holy crap! That thing is for real! – more on that in the upcoming weeks).

As I digress, I have a question about these “MBT Shoes.” Does anyone own a pair?

I’ve been seeing more ads for them, and wanted to look futher into it. Since I walk many miles a day with my dog, why not try and “kill two birds with one stone?”

These fruity space-age clunkers are supposed to be revolutionary, and aid in strengthening your body, working core muscles, and correcting bad posture. Sort of like walking in sand to a degree.

“MBTs act as training equipment every step of the way. Whether you are shopping, working or just puttering around the house, MBT physiological footwear trains and tones muscles, burns calories and protects joints.”

They’re very expensive (up to around $250 per pair!) and I figured I’d ask all the readers if they’ve had any experiences before I plop down the cash and look like Frankenstein after I get even taller than already I am. Otherwise, you’ll see the first Hoboken review here in a few weeks/months (that is IF I get motivated.)

See Part One of the instructional video below, and check Part Two if you want to see more…

Oh, and check out what selection they have at Amazon. Not the nicest “styles”… but I’ll pick something out..

Stay tuned for the full report!

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I’m on my third pair in four years, and when appearances don’t count, but comfort does, these are all that I wear. Don’t believe the hype about a “cellulite cure”–that’s rubbish, but if you want a shoe that improves posture and takes the pressure off of the lower back, then these are truly the best!

Due to an accident several years ago that left one foot crushed, I was bound to clunky orthotics and purchases from specialty shoe stores where I was always the youngest person in the shoppe! With my MBT sneakers or sandals, however, I can actually put my orthotics aside and exercise or simply enjoy wanderweg with no back or foot pain whatsoever! On a short trip to Paris last month I fast-walked 14.2 miles (according to my trusty pedometer) throughout five arrondisments. This five-hour trek included the hilly rues to Sacre Couer and completing the stairs for three sets !
Having done this hike on only three hours of sleep after arriving, I was mentally wiped out, but my back and feet could have conceivably kept on going!

I have recommended MBT’s to several people who now attest to their Swiss engineered attributes. They are expensive, but unlike a “fashion shoe”, one receives legitimate health benefits from wearing them. After wearing these for any period of time, putting on regular running shoes feels like putting on flat bottomed lead-weighted shoes!

Tama Murden

Have them & love them.
But the sole is high-maintenance—care needed re torque-ing/bending, to not crack.
And yes, a unique “fashion statement.”


ha!! so funny, I these in my hands tonight and almost bought them. I was wondering what the hell they were but the sales lady advised me that it was BS.

yes, they are not the ‘sexist’ things in the world…. i will look on ebay after reading the comments.


These are great shoes, but they are expensive. I actually tried them on at a store, and then bought them on Ebay for half the price!


These sneakers are really great. I remember reading/seeing them a couple years ago in the Bliss Spa catalog and was always hesitant to give them a try; especially with the hefty price tag. But they will give you a work out in worn/used properly!