The male feminist

WTF? Male feminists are losers!

Man, oh man – it doesn’t get any more truthful than this.

  1. For one – we mentioned Jordan Peterson earlier this week. Hopefully, some of you not in the know got up to speed on this relatively (and important) newcomer to the societal scene. It is crucial for the sake of humanity to follow what that man is saying (while he still breathes oxygen).
  2. But my boy Adam Piggott had a great follow up regarding the male-feminist. You know, the “guys” that are there deeply embedded in the feminist movement. The reality is so clearly obvious – I’d wonder what cognitive dissonance they’d need to defend their positions. Great post below.

male feminist

The male-feminist

By Adam Piggott

I’m in a bad mood today because I am caught up in all the moving preparations and moving sucks. It sucks because I have to organize a bunch of tedious logistical stuff that I don’t want to do. It sucks because it is costing me a great deal of money. And it sucks because no matter how great we all think we are, none of us really likes change in any of its forms.

About the only joy I’m getting is watching my cat futilely try and hunt birds through a sheet of a glass window. You can stalk all you want, puss, but the little birdy is safe from you. Ha ha ha.

So when I am in a bad mood I should utilize that negative energy and turn it towards demonizing someone or something on the internet. After all, that’s what most of my readers get their jollies from. That and the regular hawt chicks of the week.

Dr. Jordan Petersen mentioned on his podcast interview last week that he despises male feminists. Vox Day has news this morning that one of these male feminists has shot and killed a woman. A brief perusal of the guy’s twitter account shows that he likes to kiss pet rats on the mouth. Doesn’t get much more emo than that.

I remember the emo kids at school. They were like Goths, except they were even bigger losers and weirdos. I’m not talking about the chicks. I couldn’t have cared less about emo or goth chicks at school. But the guys, oh man they were just the dregs. They were so unfortunate, they didn’t even have a chance in hell with the emo or goth chicks.

Coward: Male Feminist

more dopey male feminist imagesThese social retards have grown up to be male feminists. A slang term for homosexuals is backdoor bandit, but I think this term would be more appropriate for male femos. They try to get laid by the backdoor. They are too cowardly to openly approach a woman or to even admit that they have any sexual desires whatsoever. They plant themselves firmly in the friend zone like so many beta males but then they take it one huge step too far.

They become male “allies” of feminist women. Just the fact that they actively run after feminist women is insane to me, but I think I understand the strategic thinking. Feminist women are so obviously damaged, even to emo loser male feminists, that these guys think they have a realistic shot at getting in their pants. Of course, they cannot openly make their sexual desires known, as I have already pointed out. So they push the friend zone way beyond anything that is reasonably understandable.

They want to convince these damaged women that they are on their side in their battle against the patriarchy and men. So they line up on the battlements and attempt to demonstrate their worth and manliness by hanging around with women yelling obscenities at men. Yeah, it doesn’t make much sense to me either.

Think of any Antifa protest. Every single masked thug there is a male feminist and his primary and overriding motivation is to try and get laid with whichever feminist chick is unfortunate enough to be the target of his sneaky little pig eyes. But in order to prove his worth, he has to fight against his own biological sex. As Dr. Petersen points out, these guys are attempting to create an entirely new sexual conquest dynamic precisely because they are unable to operate in any normal manner. And in order to be successful, they have to contribute as much as possible towards destroying the normal dynamic in which they have proven themselves unworthy of participating.

It doesn’t get any more sneaky, low-down, and dirty, than this.

Mutation of real men OMG

These putrid individual excuses for men are also known as Nu-Males. Citadel foundations has an excellent post explaining the different sub-sets of this species that I have linked to before.

Dr Petersen isn’t discovering anything new. This horrid male mutation has been well known and understood on the manosphere interwebs for quite some time now. But it is good that more mainstream commentators are starting to wake up to their awfulness.

These are men so damaged that I do not think there is any hope for them. They are the direct result of boys being brought up in a feminized society, with absent or non-existent fathers, female teachers at school, and other lobotomized beta men for mentors and father figures. The ridiculous thing is that they are never ever going to get laid with the feminists because they have already handed in their balls on a platter. Feminists get excited at the idea of destroying men, and you can’t re-destroy something that is already a smoking pile of ruins.

But this does not excuse the fact that they are the enemy. Some of them eventually turn to homosexuality as a get out clause, and these days it is an extremely convenient get-out clause due to the social status that it presently confers. Others literally morph into Jabba the Hut. But there are some among them, those that are both stupid and industrious, who have the capacity to be somewhat of a problem.

They cannot be ostracized as they are already well down that road. The first wave of cannon fodder in North Korea? It’s what the Russians did on the Eastern Front. Sent in all the mediocrity first to soak up the German machine gun bullets.

I told you I was in a bad mood.

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