In the air tonight

In the air tonight {Miami Vice – groundbreaking}

Not all of you were of sound mind and body (i.e., you were not old enough – or not even born yet!) to remember this “groundbreaking” scene from the once-popular TV series Miami Vice. It contained the Phil Collins song “In the Air Tonight.”

This set the bar for many.

No programs before ever shot the scene like this.

Compared to other productions – it was out of this world. The car shots were hardly ever seen before. Especially with a “trending” pop culture song. It was brilliant.

Looking back at it today – it seems weak, naturally. Old school. But in perspective – it remains an amazing leap forward in the way cinematic visions were produced – especially on television.

Some interesting tidbits {Bernays Cafe}

I found the scene where Crockett pulled over to use a “pay phone” interesting. The producers specifically used a neon sign prop that said “Bernays Cafe.”

I truly believe that they were alluding to Edward Bernays in a subtle way.

Like a beacon of “help” to save humanity.

Or perhaps a subtle slap in the face of those being brainwashed?

In the end – it probably doesn’t matter

With today’s technological “advancements,” these leaps of society seem trivial. Because not many of us care to understand the tipping points that happen throughout life.

After enough time has passed, those moments are disregarded. Watered-down. Trivialized.

Not to us, however. It’s sentimental to go back in time (thanks again, technology) to revisit those (then) pivotal moments in society. The so-called “game-changers.”

Man, it’s crazy to think back to how we felt when we “first” saw those “new” ways of broadcasting fictional theater. Back then, it was jaw-dropping. The way it propagating the water cooler conversations was amazing. Before social media.

But in the end – it was just one form of “evolution” (or as some might say, “devolution”) of society.

With CGI, dumbed-down rhetoric, simplification, forced diversity, and more – today’s television and cinema are plainly bad. Sure, some shows are good for a laugh or two – but not many programs or “franchises” are left for the good people. Which is why we’re thankful that one can build a library of notable works to refer to at some point in the future.

As some suggest – these mediums today are less about artistic and honest expression and more about shaping and reinforcing public sentiment.

And why many places around the globe are degrading rapidly.

Today’s Food for Thought. Peace out.

(Here’s the full Phil Collins video:)

And if you want to hear how modern music can RUIN a classic – here’s a “remix” from a few years ago. Crap.

in the air tonight remix

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