Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson {why you need to know about him}
Jordan Peterson is a professor in Toronto, Canada. You need to know about this man.

He speaks the truth in volumes. That is clearly evident – because of the amount of “backlash” he is receiving. And he’s doing a phenomenal job of navigating these treacherous waters of societal retardation.

Read his website here:

And do some YouTube “binge-watching” if you need to get caught up. His voice and accent are also unique. An eloquent and clear speaker. We need exponentially more people like this man to enter the spotlight in order to curtail the rapid “circling the drain” we’ve all been collectively caught up in.

One recent interview he gave with Joe Rogan was great. Especially the “virus” analogy about two hours in (can’t remember the exact time).

Let’s just hope he doesn’t get “offed” by some psychopath or mentally-programmed patsy.

Jordan Peterson why you need to know about him

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