How’s this for TOLERANCE?

How’s this for TOLERANCE?

Hmmm… like a catch-22, right?

We grabbed this from our friends at the super-duper blog The Burning Platform a week or so ago. Here’s the simple image – and check out the great comments below the image. Spot on!

mosque tolerance TBP - How's this for TOLERANCE?

Here are some of the comments:

And a renta-goat for the Islamabombers that can’t afford a wife or like a little chevon or mutton on the side.

Maybe a Jewish deli named Isalamie. I’d name the gay bar Osama Bin Dover. Or maybe Allahu Cockbar.

And, for us Texans, don’t forget the Mexican Food Restaurant that specializes in pork tamales and pulled pork tacos. And, they also can have 12 different brands of tequila as well as 10 different brands of Mexican beer. LOL!!!

Don’t put a daycare center or a petting zoo nearby. Unless you hate children and animals.

Or a public pool.

Or a truck rental center.

Or a pilot training facility.

Putting a synagogue next to it might be funny. They’d both constantly be vandalizing their own building, and trying to blame the other for it.

tolerance is a hard pill to swallow

The funny thing about being raised in America is I don’t see anything wrong with those suggestions. No true American should see a problem with it. On my daily route to work there is a Buddhist Temple and a Christian Church side by side and until reading this I never once even thought twice about it and i’ll bet 99.9% of the “tolerant” liberal scum in my city never has either. However the liberal scum would lose their minds over the suggestions above.

There you go. Your “tolerant” conversation of the day. Think about it for one frickin’ second – with an open mind – and you’ll see it clearly.

If you have the blueprint of other ideologies impregnated in your supple brain and find offense to this – well, you have some bigger issues to deal with IMO.Tolerance Mosque - How's this for TOLERANCE?

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017 10:38 am
Wednesday, May 24, 2017 12:20 am

i miss-spoke. i blame the pain meds….yes, its too easy to throw labels, and it happens WAY too often,,,(see my previous post). people ARE confused, and scared, and when FOX news(and the other new outlets as well) only tells you half the story and shows clip after clip of the same incident, well yeah, your gonna be focused on only one aspect of what they’re telling you, and you might tend to view the situation emotionally and irrationaly. people really do need to think outside the box, however unfashionable it may seem. AND, we all need to treat each other with RESPECT!!……just wait, things will be much better in the Sanders Administration. 🙂

Monday, May 22, 2017 8:48 pm

i find it so sad to see the once great “hoboken411”, devolve into islamophobia, racisim, and Homophobia….(sigh), you were once better than this.

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