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American Hustle {review}

Most people “expect” reviews to instantly coincide with movie releases. That is crap. That is because most people have been conditioned to have that “MUST SEE” attitude and associated reviews right from the get-go. We say screw that. So over four years after the “release,” we’ll now talk about American Hustle.

American Hustle was “previewed” here as well back in 2013.

It got positive reviews and made studio executives and Hollywood actors more money than most of us will make in a lifetime. How’s that for a few weeks of work?

Insane, if you ask us. It was just a story with moving pictures and words, sounds and music.


american hustle movie review - American Hustle

Review of American Hustle

This movie was a conundrum for us.

For one, I believe the “acting” roles were almost perfectly done.

christian bale american hustle - American HustleChristian Bale was amazing, as well as Amy Adams. Bradley Cooper was just okay and Jennifer Lawrence was a smidge better, And whoever directed the scenes (I care not to look into that mundane crap), did a pretty good job with the all important eye-movement aspect in several scenes.

So a movie with good acting and pretty good direction – should be good, right?


While I was compelled to watch American Hustle in its entirety, by the time the credits were rolling, I felt cheated in a way.

The story didn’t pan out properly.

For one, the Atlantic City Mayor – should have never gone to jail. That was just wrong. And the “making it right” ending could have probably been sewn up a bit better, and not on a bitter angry note. Perhaps that’s from my own persona that people should mend wounds emphatically instead of holding grudges.

Secondly, while character development was okay at first – it appears the production team abandoned that after the setup of the movie. I think some “narrative” from some of the characters throughout the movie would have helped tell the story more completely.

An unfulfilling movie at the end

Like I said earlier – I think the acting was excellent in spots. It’s one of those prime examples of good workers – but a bad final product.

Nothing was profound or “quotable” from this movie. Mostly due to bad script and story telling.

The actors were professional. But putting talented acting skills on top of a bag of shit – is still just a bag of shit with actors around.

I’m a bit disappointed I wasted 2+ hours sneaking this movie in. I hate feeling empty or let down. And that’s exactly how I felt, despite some pretty good individual performances

It’s like feeling bad about your team’s devastating 13-5 loss – even though two of your favorite players each had homers.

What happened to prolific story-telling?

ELO Long Black Road

Anyway – in case you’re wondering why we even “entertained” ourselves in the first place – since we appear so anti-movie, anti-TV. It was because of this ELO song Long Black Road, which is only available on this soundtrack. And many of the songs appealed to me – so I was “sucked in.” That shows you the persuasive power of media – even for those self-proclaiming to be independent and strong. Another lesson learned, I guess.

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