Reminder: Why “TV Shows” are bad

Why “TV Shows” are bad

Not gonna get deep into the known details that everyone should already be aware of. Instead, just a friendly reminder why TV shows are bad.

And it doesn’t matter what the source is, really. A network, cable channel, video streaming provider or (soon to be) social media entity.

The negatives are essentially the same. Always.

  1. Psychological addiction. Almost all “programming” is written to be mentally manipulative. You want more. You “binge-watch.” You cannot wait. Ask yourself why that is happening. Ask yourself why you need to tweet or post anything about a TV show. You’ll find your answers there. They got ya!
  2. Brainwashing. So many hidden messages in TV shows. 99.9% of you will never pick up on the subtleties.
  3. Marketing. Even with shows that are “commercial free,” they have messages in there so cleverly hidden, you’ll never realize it even when the dollars depart your bank account.
  4. Time wasters. What could you be learning or doing with the time you WASTE “consuming” those entertainment capsules? Do you need the entertainment? Does anyone “NEED” to be entertained? No. You CRAVE it and WANT it. That is the design.

Sure – some of what is the “new frontier” of video programming (i.e., independent vloggers on YouTube or Vimeo) may have less brainwashing and maybe some actual educational value. But still extreme time-wasters and addictive as well.

Audit yourself honestly. How many hours a week do you passively watch anything? Five? 10? 40?

Then think of how many times you’ve said “I’m too busy,” or “I don’t have the time.”

You’ll find a lot of answers right there!

tv shows are bad

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