Critical Thinking Corner – 5.16.2017

Critical Thinking Corner – 5.16.2017 {new}

Today, we’ve decided to experiment with a new category here at Hoboken411 – called the Critical Thinking Corner.

We’re reserving this category for almost anything that relates to critical thinking, or in other words – asking the logical questions that any sane human being would ask about the world around them.

But for this inaugural post in the Critical Thinking Corner – we’re going to examine a few recent “news” posts about stories from around the world. The stunning lack of detail and common sense from most “news” articles we (unfortunately) have seen kind of astounds us. What is happening?

Without further adieu…

#1 Some Venezuelan story on BLOOMBERG

The story is here.

The part that stood out was as follows:

“In a video that went viral on social media Wednesday, Maduro was shown dancing on state television. The camera pans out a window to show National Guard troops firing tear gas at protesters in eastern Caracas.”

This is the video:

ONE, so what if a “video” went “viral?” NOWHERE in the Bloomberg “news” report were any questions about the validity of the video. The timing (i.e., was it playing off DVR) and so on.

The video was clearly PROPAGANDA to portray “dancing politicians” while civil unrest was happening at exactly the same time. The Bloomberg reporter didn’t even care to pose those questions. Either that or those sensible observations were EDITED OUT.

It seems that 99% of news articles these days talk about “viral” videos and “twitter” statements. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ABOUT SOCIETY? It’s just crap people said. Nothing more.

Do you think this Venezuelan debacle is “by design?”

The astounding lack of verbiage in these pieces is obvious. You draw your own conclusions as to why that is. This is why “outlets” like Bloomberg are declining rapidly. The lack of trust coincides with their effectiveness.

#2 – WashPo story about blacks and whites

black and white cookie - Critical Thinking Corner - 5.16.2017Here’s a relatively “interesting” story about racial issues in Washington, DC from the stupid WashPo.

I don’t really care about the topic. It’s irrelevant.

However, notice the prevalent use of “white” and “black.” This article is so detail-oriented, isn’t’ it?


Many if not most of the “MSM” outlets out there are extremely reserved when it comes to crimes of color – especialy “B on W” or something similar. When it’s “W on B” then it goes viral and protests are abounding.

That is what annoys us. The selective use of race and color. Either go “all in” on all stories – ot stop talking about race ENTIRELY. F-these lame publications trying to shape public perception.

#3 – Facebook suicides

girl suicide - Critical Thinking Corner - 5.16.2017Here’s a somewhat good story about how “authorities” were able to prevent the suicide of a 12-YEAR-OLD GIRL who was live-streaming her attempted end of life.

But NOWHERE in the story was any suggestion that KIDS that young should NOT be on ANY social media whatsoever!

Humans do no become fully “developed” until they’re about 25 years old. Any kind of psychological mechanism like social media is going to play a huge role in their lives (if you allow it). And of course, after 18 – the kids are “free” to do what they wish.

These types of stories shouldn’t attract sympathy for the “poor” victims.

Rather, they should inspire more conversations about how this disease of a “social” environment is not natural.

Without the physical contact and (real 3D) visual stimulation and non-verbal body language – that “world” is phony at best, and detrimental at worst.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017 1:00 am

Our entire world is scripted and fake.

Look at this for a prime example

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