America Gets The Runs

America Gets The Runs

We’ve shared our viewpoints on the total lunacy the epidemic of 5k runs for charity has become. It’s clear we’re not the only ones that feels this way.

Courtesy of Goodbye, America (in a photo):

The readers who submitted this photo writes,

These Color Runs and Taco Runs and Warrior Runs always make me sick. Look at this shit, $69.99 (funny, right?) and you get two whole tacos and a beer (oh and Mariachi music). What a bargain. What a waste of time. It’s like a religion for these shitheads though.

The Run For [X] phenomenon is social connectedness LARPing by an over-diversified people who no longer feel connected to anything but product brands. Fake Community Spirit is the best way to describe these top-down manufactured events.

Oh, and Cinco de Gayo has no place in America. It has to go back.

America gets the runs

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