Magic Tricks and Jokes

Magic Tricks and Jokes {Tech and Startups}

We published our take on the Propelify Innovation Festival earlier this week. But as we were folding laundry manually the other day – we realized a stunning parallel of technology (and apps) to magic tricks and jokes of days past.

What do you mean? That is too hard to conceptualize!

moving thumb trick - Magic Tricks and JokesSure, I’ll explain it.

You remember the first time you saw the “moveable thumb” illusion someone showed you? How it looked like they were actually moving the tip of their thumb back and forth?

That was amazing the first, maybe second time you saw it. But after the illusion was understood – it kind of lost its appeal.

Same goes for jokes or riddles. They work for the most part the first few times, but as “word spreads” about those riddles – they also lose their impact.

That is how I feel technology and all these “innovations” are. And why SO MANY just come and go like a flash in the pan.

Jokes that can be “mashed up” or re-purposed (like “Yo Mama,” or “Why did the chicken…”), have a much longer shelf life. Which is why single focus technologies usually don’t last long. They either die – or get gobbled up by a bigger fish who may value their proprietary technology.

Tech is psychologically deeper that jokes, though

If you look back at the track record of technology – you might agree with my analogy. So many have come and gone. Just like how the jokes of 1994 are no longer funny or relevant.

However, one thing that simple one-liner jokes can never possess – is the psychological impact that these technological mechanisms have. The tech plunges its claws in your very soul.

VR flash in the pan - Magic Tricks and JokesEmotions.
Pecking order.

I could list 100’s more. But it’s a psychological BEAST of a control mechanism, which almost always negatively affects the majority of the population. The “stronger” or more “psychopathic” can (and will) obviously be able to use those new tech tools for their own selfish benefits – due to their sick nature.

Look at the apps and platforms you used to champion

Infospace. Myspace. Meerkat. Yahoo Messenger. America Online. There are thousands more, I just can’t think of them off the top of my head.

Sure, properties like the big F, the big T, the big Li, the big SC, the big G, and so on – may appear infallible – but is that really true? Can billions in the bank protect them from a tech revolution they never anticipated?

Online monopolies – how long will they last?

If you asked me – I’d say the top 10 biggest online players (like Goog, FB, TWit, etc.) are not going anywhere anytime soon. Not since the millennial population has now reached the largest single demographic out there.

However, if the big players do not pay attention, their influence will quickly begin to diminish. Why?

Because younger kids see the writing on the wall. They’re not buying multiculturalism. They’re not buying the BS on social media. They’re doing a great job, in fact.

It appears to us, that the millennial generation was a “failed experiment” that obviously benefited a few but eventually led to an eventual demise. I suppose the powers that be didn’t want an entire herd of completely ineffective dopes running around aimlessly.

Thousands of words more can be written about this subject – but I’ll leave you with a joke I just came up with:

Q: What did the 2017 chicken get when they crossed the road?

A: A death certificate. Because they were too busy not paying attention as they read a “click bait” article about traffic accidents.

magic tricks and jokes - Magic Tricks and Jokes

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