Propelify Innovation Festival Hoboken NJ – May 18th

Propelify Innovation Festival Hoboken NJ – May 18th

We mentioned the first annual Propellerfest last spring – which has been renamed to Propelify Innovation Festival this year (probably due to “data analytics.”) It takes place at Pier A Park on Thursday, May 18th (rain date Friday, May 19th).

While we do find merit in “innovators,” to some degree – the almost entirely technological-based aspect of this gathering is what concerns us.

Almost everything is “app” related or some kind of virtual reality, or drone, or other “here today, gone tomorrow” flash in the pan.

Think of this as a “TEDx” festival of inspirational speakers – who, in the end, are just salesmen.

I mean I really think I relate to a guy like Gary Vaynerchuk, who was there last year. However, did you see who their “keynote speaker” is this year?

Doomed: Arianna Huffington and don Zimmer

The “headliner,” or “keynote” speaker this year is none other than Arianna Huffington. One of the worst people to roam the earth – especially with billions in her pockets. A cancer. Just because you made tons via psychological click-bait and other worthless trash, doesn’t give you any credibility. I look the other way when this lady is around!

Also, “mayor” don Zimmer is also speaking. On her own, she’d offer less inspiration than a rancid sidewalk garbage can. So it might be interesting what (prepared by others) speech she thinks she’s qualified to deliver. Holy BS this is smelling like already.

Other than having shitloads of money – what skills does Arianna Huffington possess? Can someone please advise?

How did Propelify founder Aaron Price fall for that? Because it’s a “big name” ticket? Do you know anyone that admires or worships that Huffington broad? Again, she’s cancer.

Propelify Hoboken Innovation Festival May 18 2017

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