Things to really think about

Things to really think about

While a huge majority of people think about social media pecking order, superficial items, vanity, entertainment and other worthless aspects of life – there has to be more fruitful things to really think about, no?

I think our world would be a lot better off – if more of us spent time “understanding” why ordinary aspects of our lives are the way they are.

Some good starting points just off the top of my head are:

  • Money. Understanding the whole concept of “money.” How did it start? What is the fiat money system? Why is the polarity of people with billions of dollars vs. the middle class growing at a rapid rate? You ever wonder if this whole racket is rigged?
  • Laws. Do you know how many “laws” there are today? From the local bottom of the beanstalk cities up to the counties, states, and the Fed? What about “victimless” crimes? Like drugs or other stupid things like zoning or environmental? Most if not all have a financial penalty. As well as a beneficiary. How many of you see these control mechanisms billed to make us “better” and “safer,” instead of financial revenue streams?
  • Politics. A majority of the “news” is in reference to political goings on. “The people” essentially enabled this. “The people” outnumber politicians and their paid enforcers at least 100 to one. What is keeping real change from happening? The easy answer is “fear.” But there are much more. Can you figure out what they are?
  • “News” and media. Include also any other pop culture item. Like sports, entertainment, etc. Ask yourself how much you “consume” each week. Whether it’s TV programming. Sports leagues (like fantasy baseball), talk or gossip programs. Almost anything that has moderate popularity. Why is that? How do they attract an audience? Who benefits?

Not to mention other trends like every package of anything you buy (food, clothes, gear, etc.) HAS to have “we donate to charity,” or “sustainable,” or “artisan?” Outside of the biggest companies, when was the last time you saw a product WITHOUT that nonsense? Imagine you encountered a product that just said: “these taste good and are a fair value?” Never.

things to think about in Hoboken NJ - Things to really think about

The key question again is – Cui Bono?

I only listed what came first to my mind. There are countless others.

But the key question to ask in these – and almost any other situations you encounter or choose to look within about, is who benefits? CUI BONO?

You can use that simple and general question as a starting point to begin peeling back layers of many phony facades of life.

Even if you agree with and support stuff like:

– Pet adoptions
– Charity 5k’s
– Politicians
– The Military
– Electric cars
– Paleo diet
– Equal rights

There are layers you can expose to realize most if not all trending causes or movements have someone else “behind the curtains.”

Sometimes what is happening out of sight is for monetary gain. Other times it’s for societal shifts. Political chess moves. And so on.

What we’re saying is that what is on the surface (i.e., “good cause,”) is often a facade for more nefarious desires. Almost each and every time.

So it’s important for you to not take the bait via your emotions – but rather first acknowledge that yes – you were “sold” something, but it might pay off if you dig a little (sometimes a lot) deeper to see who’s behind the curtain. Often times it takes a LOT of work to truly discover who’s running the show, too. Thanks to complicated laws, and other methods of insulating those who wish to benefit in secrecy from the stupidity and lack of effort from the masses.

Digging deeper is not all that bad

While some can fairly argue that digging deeper is akin to taking the red pill in the cinematic film called The Matrix.

And like George Carlin said: “The reason they call it the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

Clearly, it appears that most of us want to be asleep. Or swallowing blue pills and crossing their fingers.

But something nice happens when you start discovering the answers.

One, you become less of a victim. Less of a puppet. Less of a consumer.

That means more time for productive things, more money for your bank account or more fruitful endeavors and more mental clarity.

Like wiping the ice off your windshield. You feel more in control. More aware of the decisions you make. And more conscious of the world around you. You feel empowered and sane.

I don’t know about you. But that was my food for thought for today.

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