In the cloud

Do you want your life in the cloud?

And at what expense? It’s hard these days NOT to have at least something in “the cloud.” Email is one.

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide have a tremendous amount of their life, much of it personal, stored somewhere – probably with multiple replicates all over the world.

And some suggest that even if you want to delete or unjoin a “service,” your data remains in storage forever.

Even if you tried your own email server – traces of your correspondence will get stored somewhere guaranteed. Whether via the recipient’s email or even just the routers and switches they flow through.

And “encrypting” everything is very difficult and technical, and probably not worth it for anyone.

To boot, being completely “unplugged” is also next to impossible. License plate trackers even if you don’t use EZ-Pass. Or facial recognition in places you can’t see.

life in the cloud - In the cloud

So we can’t win – now what?

Well, the alternative is to MINIMIZE how much you give away.

  1. I’d suggest opting out of all social media. Unless it’s just business purposes. No photos or private conversations.
  2. If you still want to use email, be very selective about what you type, share, and attach.
  3. Buying online is hard to curtail, but worth considering. Paying with cash at a store, while reducing the need to buy much at all is sound advice.
  4. Don’t use cloud services for your photos. Ideally, using a dedicated digital camera with photos backed up at home. If you want the comfort of having an off-site backup, consider archiving using external media. But think about it for a minute, did you parents make copies of the albums and shoeboxes of photos? So what makes us more afraid of losing them today?

Naturally, in 2017, people conduct much of their lives online in some shape or form. Collaborative work. Research. Entertainment. All that relatively harmless stuff can be and probably is tracked in some capacity.

But voluntarily relinquishing privacy for the sake of convenience seems to be the name of the game these days. People just don’t give a crap unless it makes whatever they’re doing easier.

Perhaps re-thinking what they’re doing is the first step?

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