Follow the yellow brick bollard road

Follow the yellow brick bollard road in Hoboken

Some of you might have noticed the new “safety” bollards along Newark Street downtown. “Follow the yellow brick bollard road” is what we say. Heads right from golden nuggets at city hall, where they have a nine-figure budget that never goes down. Wonder why?

One of the reasons is because of all this all of a sudden “necessary” safety apparatus.

Hoboken blinking pedestrian sign newark street - Follow the yellow brick bollard road

Sure, Newark Street isn’t a road I’d play stickball on, but they have frickin’ sidewalks already!

These yellow bollards are going to get crashed into WITHOUT A DOUBT. And that will continue costing property taxpayers over and over.

And what about all these blinking “safety” signs? I think those are MORE distracting! So now we have to take our eyes off the road to see what those epileptic seizure-inducing signs say?

I’m telling you all these safety measures aren’t going to help. People will still get hit by cars.


Because everyone is too busy tapping away on their smartphones instead of looking out for number one.

Hoboken yellow brick bollard road - Follow the yellow brick bollard road

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