Hoboken Week in Review – 7/27/2008


Here are the Top 10 new, bumped or updated postings this week that had the best, most diverse and hottest overall discussion in Hoboken!


Hottest topics of the week

  1. People talk about politics a lot
    A simple “Republican Happy Hour” stirs up 100’s of comments. Yikes! Folks sure are opinionated!
  2. NY Times likes a Hoboken restaurant!
    The Times gives a respectable “Good” to newcomer Hudson Tavern on 14th & Hudson.
  3. Feast Finally Finished
    The book can be closed on this year’s St. Ann’s Feast, and you can resume regularly scheduled parking again!
  4. You make HOW much?
    A list of all Hoboken city employee’s “Base” salaries. Hey, it’s public info!
  5. Juicy burgers… Mmmmmm!
    Five Guys Burgers and Fries renovation plugs along as they transform the old Battaglia’s location.
  6. I’ll take three jobs to go, please
    What are your opinions of individuals holding multiple municipal jobs?
  7. Stuff about St. Ann’s
    One Hoboken411 reader notices some things about the recent feast, then lots of questions pop up about parking.
  8. Is the world going bankrupt?
    The economy is a HOT TOPIC these days!
  9. We don’t need you hanging in our store for hours!
    Local eatery Panera Bread blocks “free electricity” in their shop, giving new meaning to “BYOB” (batteries, folks!)
  10. Falling Apart
    The 9/11 memorial at Pier A Park was falling apart last year. One 411 reader wonders why it hasn’t been fixed.


  • Foot Fetishes
    Another 411 reader asks what everyone thinks about ladies shoes. Surprising conversation!
  • Taxi Conundrum
    Taxi fares shouldn’t be confusing. In Hoboken, it is.

This week

Summer events continue in Hoboken (you can see them listed on the calender on the bottom of the left sidebar – Let me know if I’m missing any good ones!)

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