Sunday Hoboken weather map

7/27/2008 Update:

We’re currently under a “Severe Thunderstorm Watch” until 8pm tonight. Here’s a current snapshot of the northeast radar:

(I have to seek help over my obsession with weather maps…)


Gotta get the weather forecasts in every now and then!

We caught a really lucky break last week, with most of the “we’re screwed” torrential downpours experienced in the tri-state area missing Hoboken by a smidge.

Tomorrow, we have a 75% chance of thunderstorms, so just keep that in mind!

“Return of fitting midsummer warmth and humidity will give rise to showers and thunderstorms in the East. Some of this rain will reach the interior East before daybreak, then showers with scattered strong thunderstorms will arise east to the coast of Maine to Virginia Sunday into Sunday night. A few of the storms will become strong enough to unleash bursts of excessive rain and local damaging winds. Isolated hail will be possible, too.”


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