Again with Climate Change

Again with Climate Change

Does anyone see the writing on the wall with Climate Change?

And also – how many of you can read between the lines of the writing on the wall with Climate Change?

I’ll say what I believe first: Human beings have very little to do with “Climate Change.”

Our sun is solely responsible for any change in climate. Specifically sun spots and other anomalies from “outer space.”

Thermometers – only a few hundred years!

Think about this for a minute.

Actual “thermometers” have only been around for about five hundred years.

Reliable ones for about only the past one or two centuries.

And “global” analysis for even less. Just imagine how those “old” devices were quite unreliable (and which is why you should take any “old” data readings with a grain of salt…)

That alone should be enough evidence to tell any sane person that ANY declaration about the state of Planet Earth, Inc. is hogwash. Especially when it comes to the CAUSATION of whatever is happening here on our globe.

The evidence we have is minimal at best. And no sensible conclusions should be taken as a result. That’s what a common sense person would say, at least.oh noes climate change - Again with Climate Change

So why the climate change hysteria?

We’ve been following this “scientific” debate for decades. Our opinions have varied over the years. We’ve seen a change in public belief range from “Ice Age Coming Again!” to “We’re going to die a fiery death!” (both from the same TIMEly publication). What does that tell you?

It tells you two things. One, that no one knows jack squat. And two, that there is a financial vehicle behind all of this.

And maybe three – a psychological and manipulative aspect as well.

The giant divide – us against each other

Danger hurricanes - Again with Climate Change


Those lame CNN or NYPost articles didn’t really say anything substantive. Mainly focused on emotional triggers. Minimal, if any, scientific data presented.

However, and regardless of whether the “source” was reputable (NY Times, etc.), the ANGER in the comments sections was profound.

It exposes the sad reality of our society.

Most noticeably – the number of people offended and practically ANGERED by some scientific discussion was astounding. The thousands of angry people that came to the defense of man-made global warming was alarming.

With no real background, countless people fought tooth and nail to defend the “we’re doomed if we don’t stop using plastic NOW” mentality. But not just on a merit-based discussion.

There were no discussions at all (at least from what we saw).

It was simply like this: “You don’t agree with me. F YOU A**HOLE!”

Get my point?

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I don’t think anyone should conclude anything one way or the other based on the results of complex climate models, since complex models are inherently flawed. Exhibit A is their poor track record of predicting anything..

Plus complex climate models aren’t science and don’t rely on the scientific method, despite all the Marches for Science! and Bill Nye brain droppings. People who chant “Science!” often don’t have the foggiest notion of what science is. But it sounds good and it’s highly fashionable.

The reason people get angered and offended is because it’s become their RELIGION (or a central tenet of their religion. You’ve blasphemed their one true god, you heathen! You DENIER! When the inquisition comes, you’re screwed.