Superficiality SUCKS {for real}

Superficiality sucks in all ways

More and more, I’ve been witnessing the polarization of “looks” over functionality and practicality. People are more concerned with how they look, what they have and what others think of them – that what goes beyond the surface. I think superficiality sucks beyond belief.

Say your dumb girlfriend is more concerned with a “dent” on a dishwasher – than the actual functionality of the washing of dishes. WTF? Why wouldn’t you want to save 100’s of dollars on a “scratch and dent” appliance that works just as good? Why are some people so hell-bent on perfection?

Physical looks and appearance over thoughts, knowledge, personality. Sad how some people spend so much time trying to get the perfect selfie – instead of augmenting their knowledge or learning a practical skill. (And have you noticed that as of late, almost every single selfie appears to have the same look and expression?)

Material belongings, wealth, and “stuff,” over kindness, compassion, empathy and companionship. So many people in the race for more and better, often leave behind fundamental basics – allowing them to become rusty due to lack of use. Only when it serves their self-interest do most people offer anything. Charity without recognition these days is almost non-existent.superficiality sucks

What caused this?

I suppose people being “presentable” has always been the case in modern society. As well as “fitting in” to a degree. Not showering and wearing a loincloth to a business event is typically looked down upon these days.

But the level of superficiality has reached astronomical levels in 2017. Especially in the past five to 10 years.

I’m sure you’d agree that television, movies, magazines and general marketing have played a role.

Social Media is now the top culprit

Is it possible that the social media world (most) people are living in today has turbo-charged this situation? We think so.

While we have no problem with people bettering themselves both physically and mentally, I see the reasons WHY people strive for improvement have changed. Not from PERSONAL satisfaction for the improvement(s) alone, but from EXTERNAL approval.

Which is why it’s a fact that most narcissistic a-holes online take HUNDREDS of selfies before they choose one to publish. They are so vain and self-important. Especially when they’ve reached a pinnacle of “beauty” or fitness. But you almost always NEVER get to see the “outtakes.” In rare cases, some people wake up and reverse direction, but that is the exception, not the norm.

You’ll find tremendous relief in making “I don’t care anymore” something to strive for.

It’s just too bad most sheeple and lemmings cannot comprehend what that means.

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