News replaced with useful information?

A dream: News replaced with useful information?

Does anyone have a true imagination anymore? I had a dream slash vision the other day, that news was replaced with useful information. Yeah.

That these fear-mongering, propaganda-pushing “outlets” were just shuttered. And in their place, were 24-hour outlets of helpful knowledge. Imagine that?

Sure, the internet is filled with gobs of profoundly useful information. FOR THOSE THAT ARE TRULY “SEEKING” IT.

However, the passive nature of television and other “mainstream” nonsense – that is not the case. They peddle fear, government omnipotence, and bad news.

Because the topics they disseminate are both fearful, addictive, and more – they don’t know anything else. It’s profitable. It’s beneficial for TPTB.

But I imagine a better world.

news what is in your brain - News replaced with useful information?

What if MSM really helped humanity?

I mean, seriously. Think about how “we” can help “each other.”

If those “news” channels were converted into online courses to teach people fundamental skills. Don’t you think that would truly empower the populous?

To give people incentive to better themselves?

It’s a pipe dream in this world, however – the benefits would be astronomical.

But there is always profit and greed that enters the picture. Why help people if they can just keep them down? Keep them afraid and lowly? Keep them buying stupid crap they DO NOT NEED!

Man – I’d be thrilled if all those CNN, FOX, CSNBS, or whatever they were called just went away. And new channels replaced them with fun, educational, and truly specific ways to improve everyone’s life. From the ghetto-dwellers to the McMansion strugglers, and beyond.

Just ways to, for example:
Save money.
Avoid financial traps and pitfalls.
Get a grip on reality.
Hold your politicians accountable, or even better – solutions to either drastically reduce or eliminate government altogether.
See the writing on the wall, situational awareness, how infomercials are psychological traps, the history of marketing, Etcetera.

Then again, we all have the “freedom of choice,” and it’s likely that those channels would have hardly any viewers. Because when given choices, people always gravitate towards the easy and stupid. Hence why anyone at all knows what a Kardashian is.

Entertainment over education.

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