Avoid Crowds

Avoid Crowds – bad stuff happens

You ever wonder with all these stupid protests – whether it’s just comical theater – or real stuff?

I see these moronic street battles taking place. Like in that retarded Berkeley area.

It looks like maybe a hundred or two people on each side – “fighting” over stuff. They don’t really understand.

I mean – most of the time – it’s some paid group of agitators trying to disrupt someone else who didn’t “tread on them” in any way shape or form – other than having a different opinion.

But people get hurt, stuff gets smashed and damaged, and videos go viral.

So freaking stupid, it burns.

Why are these people there? Are they not computing the “math” about anything?

The significance of these “events” are NIL.

Nothing changes, no revolution, not change.

Just chaos and stupidity.

For what.

Which is why it’s best to avoid crowds

If you’re ever in a metropolis and you see something like this brewing – DO NOT GET INVOLVED, regardless of what your political stance is.

Just leave. Avoiding these pointless idiots is prime advice for survival.

And the fact that the more recent “protests” were almost always the result of some social media conditioning – that is another reason for you to kick social media to the curb as well.

avoid crowds berkeley protests

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