Having kids in 2017

Having kids in 2017 {big decisions}

Having kids is a bigger quagmire in 2017 than it’s ever been in human history.


Because of or so-called “technological revolution,” that’s why.

Anyone considering having their first child should read this article. Even couples who already have a child or children (and want more) should also think about this carefully.

Raising a (GOOD) human being in today’s day and age is outright difficult and worrisome.

Children are like sponges. Specifically to their “environments.” Whether it’s a city or rural landscape. A book or a TV screen. The way you raise a child today is profoundly more burdensome than just 100 years ago. Even with our “advancements” (if you even want to call them that.)

There are two honestly clear choices a couple can make.

having kids in 2017 - Having kids in 2017

#1 – Have kids and raise them properly

If a couple is hell-bent on having kids – they ought to get it through their heads that they should do it properly.

In most cases, that would mean keeping them AWAY from almost ALL technology for a very long time.

That would also mean either HOME SCHOOLING them or find the best (most likely private and costly) school that doesn’t incorporate any technology into their curriculum.

Why is that, you ask?

Well – for one, technology should be something that is introduced into a young person’s life WAY AFTER they’ve learned the fundamental basics of life. Math. English. Writing. Reading. Penmanship. Physical toys. Problem-solving. All that.

The number of people I see “appeasing” their kids (2-5 years old) with tablets and other shit, bothers the heck out of me. Brainwashing at an early age! That is child endangerment in my opinion.

===== Counterpoint (“my kid is this and that better…”)
I’ve heard countless “Testimonials” from some parents that say the “apps” helped their kids do one or more things “better” (such as learning the ABC’s, or learning to count 1,2,3.)


But like they say about “gateway drugs,” this is not a good thing.

Just because your kid learned to memorize something via technology, does not mean it is good or healthy. It’s unnatural.

The parents should be the ones teaching the kids how to talk, walk, count, and spell. Not some DIGITAL DEVICE!

A kid learning the ABC’s three or six months earlier that “expected” doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be the next billion dollar startup.

About all it ensures is that they’ll be addicted to technology that much sooner. Good job, Mom and Dad!



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