SELFIE BS on display in Hoboken

We were chilling on a gorgeous day at Pier C Park in Hoboken recently – only to be sort of curious about some girl…

WHO SPENT (AT LEAST) AN HOUR taking selfies of herself.

She looked okay, had a decent body – but still needed an HOUR or more to get that “perfect shot.”

social media sickness

1. Got new hair dye job. Check.
2. Pedicure. Check.
3. Makeup. Check. No zits. Check.
4. Wait for weather to be nice.
5. Pick stunning NYC skyline.
And probably doesn’t even live in Hoboken.

What is wrong with human beings these days?

The fact that we personally witnessed this atrocity of an attempt at “social validation” bothers us.

Not personally – but for the overall sake of humanity.

People are so screwed up these days – they worry so much about superficial crap.

The proper words.
The right “hashtags”
The best “looks” and so on.


While I do understand that the current social media “storm” is a huge opportunity for (some) people to “cash in” to some degree – it just doesn’t feel right to us.

Why? Because of the horribly superficial nature of it all. Nothing long-lasting. Just today, this week, this year or two and that’s it. You’re out.

There are some people or groups that are cunning and aware enough to capitalize on the trends at the perfect time- but most people are not that good.

And if everyone picked up on the perfect opportunity, that would level the playing field to zero.

Social Media Sickness

I guess I can coin this whole trend as a “social media sickness.”

How people used to get self-worth has now changed for the worse.

What used to be “personal” satisfaction – has morphed into “social” acceptance.

Doesn’t affect everyone (like us, for instance), but still cause for concern.

I mean looking at this otherwise pretty girl succumb to the machinations of humanity was kind of sad. She knows no better. She probably never will (until cell service is knocked out).

Even then it’d be a stretch to expect anything more from her.

hour long selfie session hoboken NJ

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Friday, April 21, 2017 10:42 pm

She was alone. With a cell phone. That says it all.

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