Cooking competitions

Cooking competitions like any “Chili Cookoff”

Taste is – and always will be – 100% subjective. This makes me wonder about things like a “Chili Cookoff” that happens in cities across the country.

Including Hoboken.

What is it about these Chili Cookoff’s – or more accurately described as cooking competitions?

Hoboken 411 Chili 1 - Cooking competitions

Marketing – Attention – And so on…

Everyone and their brother can make chili. It’s not hard. See my photos peppered within this post (no pun intended).

However, many people think they have some “secret ingredient” (there was once a Hoboken establishment with that name) that makes their food dish “better” than others.

Not so.

Any food dish is subject to personal opinion. Some folks like spicy, others do not.

Some people enjoy new tastes – others are hard to convert.

That is the name of the game.

Which is why it puzzles me why there can be “winners,” when obviously not everyone voted the same. Just look at our recent “mayor” who had less than 40% of the vote. That means over 60% didn’t like her chili. How can that be best?

Hoboken 411 Chili 2 - Cooking competitions

Why is marketing involved with food?

Well, marketing is an interesting way to coerce people into doing things they might not have ventured into (or onto).

If “fire burned” or “handcrafted” are buzz-phrases you recognize – well, then you are a victim of marketing.

I’ll list a few others here in random order: “Artisan, Organic, Hearth, Handmade, Earth-Friendly,” and so on…

Hoboken 411 Chili 3 - Cooking competitions

Can’t we figure it out for ourselves?

Shoot. If I attend a farmers market – Shouldn’t I know what is or is not organic?

This “group” or “hive mind” mentality is an interesting situation.

For one, people, by nature – are “social” animals. But on the other hand, we are also individuals.

It seems as if this attention-seeking group think aspect is affecting almost all corners of life these days.

Hardly anyone is content with just their own personal achievements anymore. Everything has to be “broadcast” to the world or hyped to some degree.

Heck, I do understand when anyone, myself included, is excited enough about something great, or some revelation – that they want to share it. “Spread the good word,” to some extent.

But that aspect of life has expanded thanks to technology and all these events that always have other people’s sticky fingers in the pot (for profit, etc.)

I guess that’s the part that rubs us the wrong way. How things cannot just be “home-grown” and limited in nature. Stuff just has to constantly be “over the top” in some shape or form. Hyped to an incessant degree.

Nothing is pure and wholesome anymore. It’s as if Hollywood (or something like that) has infiltrated ordinary and simple existence.

Perhaps – once everyone is commercialized and so on – the wholesome ordinary person will be the trendy thing that will take back humanity to better places.

Hoboken 411 Chili 4 - Cooking competitions

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