Remember?: Flip Cameras?

Remember?: Flip Cameras?

About a decade ago – and for about five years or so – “Flip cameras” were a big thing.

Dedicated pocket video cameras (most often smaller than cell phones) that took HD video at the press of a button.

Those are pretty much gone today.

flip cameras

What happened? Why?

Well – the narrative is that “cell phones” overtook the need for dedicated “pocket” video cameras.

I wonder about that fact.

Those “flip” cameras I pictured above do NOT have a different or amazing technology.

They had the same mechanisms that are in today’s cell phones.

I think it’s a combination of two things:

1. There was collusion between these camera companies and the cell phone manufacturers (Apple, Google, Samsung), to “allow” a brief window of marketing (i.e., profit) for whatever company wanted to sell these pocket cameras.

2. The big cell phone companies profited by not including that “new tech” in their latest devices (by taking a share of the revenue).

That racket ended on schedule

Now, today’s cell phones eliminate the need for those pocket cameras. Can you connect the dots?

That tech was fully available back in the day. Every major handset maker could have included them – thus rendering those pocket cameras useless.

But they didn’t.

It was all by design – to keep the money flowing.

Another example of planned obsolescence and throttled advancements.

Nowadays – everything is in “the cloud” and your privacy is next to nothing. Maybe getting these pocket cameras will come back in style one day.

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